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I never knew how to say it.

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 25, 2007

Captains Quarters has the top 5 harry reid myths, but this summary pretty much explained why I think the democratic congress is completely retarded and out of line.

MYTH #2:
General Petraeus Does Not Know What Is Happening In Iraq

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): “I Don’t Believe Him.” Q: “…General Petraeus is going to come to the Hill and make it clear to you that there is progress going on in Iraq, that the so-called surge is working. Will you believe him when he says that?” SEN. REID (D-NV): “No, I don’t believe him, because it’s not happening. All you have to do is look at the facts.” (CNN’s “The Situation Room,” 04/23/07)


David H. Petraeus:
Four-Star General, Commander, Multinational Forces-Iraq

Harry Reid:
Senator Who Doesn’t Listen To Commanders of Military Forces

Now, let me qualify this.  I’m not one of those righty’s that is all up on abortion, thinking there should be a gun in every house (there isn’t one in mine, and holding a gun was my job at one time) I don’t believe in the bucchanaan isolationism that Pat loves to use as a rationale for his hatred of this war.  I think that “pledge of allegiance” decision was made in good faith, I think that roy moore should have been removed from office.

But I also think that congress should get the hell out of the face of people who do the dirty work while these self centered bastards are willing to sell their lives for votes, especially considering that the dems have 9/10 odds that every dead servicemember is republican, or there abouts (actually it’s just over 4/5, but you know hyperbole is supposed to work) and I DO believe that the dem’s feel so safe that they can temporarily damage this nation in order to gain political control.

That said, I’m from a democrat region, I think I know 1 republican that I’m not related to who I occassionaly interact with, and he is exclusive on abortion.  Democrats are people, I don’t hate democrats, in fact I like them, seeing as how I don’t have a choice, and even if I did, I would still like most of the democrats that I know and that I like.

However, I think those democrats are like that 1, “one issue” republican.  They are 1 issue, and don’t understand the broader political and national requirements of policy.  It is a shame, and it should be repaired.  We don’t need paris hilton saying “vote or die” (she didn’t vote, why isn’t she dead?) or Christina Aguillera saying “we are making a movement, we are making a movement” (really christina? you should read a bit more) and we need politicians to take the position of scientists (Gore) just as much as we need scientists to take the position of politicians (sagan)

My point is that these people are wrong.  Not because they are disinterested in America, or what is best about America, rather, they are indifferent of those who know.

Christina loves russel simmons, he’s the author of her politics.

Paris Loves Puff daddy (absentee ballot, mailed from NY, paris didn’t vote) for her politics.

Laurie David thinks gore is a scientist, even though he is a politician.

Angelina Jolie thinks that she brings food to Africa, when actually it’s the wage slave farmer.

And Worst of all?  Harry Reid thinks he’s more informed about the matters of war than a general, not just A General, but The General in charge of theater operations.

See, the left right now isn’t offering a different plan of action to the method of engaging in the war (that happened in WWII BTW, I understand that Market Garden was opposed by many at the time, but once they realized they were in the minority they backed down, not to mention the use of the navy and island hopping campaign offered by nimitz, rather than the 1 million man invasion of formosa as a central base was HATED by many especially by macarthur) but rather going to an extreme of conflict.

Admit it left, the right knows it.  America wins, or America loses.  Define YOUR victory, and your loss.  We’ve defined ours.  The thing is that on the “right” since I guess I’m a member of the right, us “pro-abortion” “pro-gay marriage” in fact “pro-polygamy” “pro-evolution” “anti-creation”(at least as it’s depicted) “atheist” “pro-immigration” “environmentaly conscious” rightists are clearly empty headed douchebags who follow only Darth Rove’s dictum.

America can fix it’s own problems within ourselves, if we let the people do so.  Harry wants the world to fix our problems, and then blame the world for our failures.  I disagree.  I’ve lived in this nation, I served this nation, and I love this nation.  I’ve resided briefly in others, and in those 8 nations as briefly as I knew them I can say this, “THIS, America, is the greatest nation I have ever seen”  and all 8 of those nations were western. 

Okay the rails are breaking and this is mesa’s place.  I’m done.

17 Responses to “I never knew how to say it.”

  1. Max Power said

    Harry Reid thinks he’s more informed about the matters of war than a general, not just A General, but The General in charge of theater operations.

    Good points all, but I disagree with the above statement. Harry Reid knows there’s some indications of improvement, he’s just committed to losing this war.

  2. lauraw said

    this is mesa’s place.

    *biting lip*

  3. semitough said

    Christina loves russel simmons, he’s the author of her politics.

    I think you meant Richard Simmons.

  4. Jack M. said


    This is in response to your question about Rho’s threatened ban.

    The other night, Rho and I started arguing in this thread. At one point in the comments Rho dropped the N-bomb out of the blue.

    I called him Rho on it and told him that if he did it again, I’d edit his comments and that if he did it a third time he would be banned.

    He defended himself (or she, I dunno) by saying he was parodying one of your posts, and later linked a comment you put up where your friend in Australia had criticized what she viewed as the “N-ization of American politics”.

    I told Rho that you had been asked by Ace to tone your language down, and that N-bombs werent welcome.

    I was also skeptical (although I didnt post these thoughts) because it seemed to me that if Rho had wanted to make it clear that he was parodizing you from the outset he should have said so. A reader not familiar with the particular post he cited would not have been able to tell. It seemed to me like he was covering his ass after the fact. Also, I thought it was shitty that he was using your name to defend himself when you werent around to say anything about how you were being portrayed.

    So I threatened him with a ban. He’s still pissed off about it, although he stopped.

    You can read the thread for yourself and make your own judgment. I just wanted you to know where to go to find the argument in context.

    I don’t come off all that great either, especially with my comment about rho measuring himself by your standards. But since he seems to hold you in such low regard, I thought that would hit him where it hurts.

    Anyway, if any of my comments in the linked thread offend you, I apologize in advance. I just didn’t want the thread devolving into a N-bomb throwing contest so I stepped in to try to stop it.


  5. Thanks jack, reading it now.

  6. Jack M. said

    No problem, WP. Lemme know what you think when you are done.

  7. Actually you were pretty reasonable. At the time when I made the comment that rho was parodying, ace wasn’t being nice, he straight up said “pull that shit again and you are banned” I think was his exact quote.

    So you were just looking out for rho, saying, basicaly, “dude, the thing you are parodying was a one off that ace drew the line at, and only appologized because ace thought he was uncomfortable with his own reaction, not because he accepted what WP said”

    You were perfectly reasonable. I know I go off the deepend, though rho’s assumption that that is who I am all the time is kinda retarded, in fact, that “push the line” guy is rare for me.

    I think you were perfectly reasonable, and I can take my hits, after all, I generaly walk into them.

  8. even though it wasn’t a parody, it was an overly contentious quote pulled from a much broader based comment I made, but I don’t blame others for missing that. I made it in a very ham handed way.

  9. Jack M. said

    Yeah..that was how I remembered Ace reacting as well.

    You and Mesa are doing a good job jere. I’ll try to check in more often. If only to keep LauraW in line.


  10. forged rite said

    Good post Wicked. I’m not sure what you were referencing with Christina Aguilara though. Did she go off on some anti-war rant? I actually had some hope for her after the candyman vid, so i hope she’s not doing all the usual lefty celebrity stuff.

  11. Thanks Forged.

    In 2004, christina aguillera working with one of the many “get out the vote” crusades for “the young voters” (which we all know is a lefty attempt to stack the vote) she was on MTV as a guest correspondant for TRL and she kept repeating “we’re making a movement, we’re making a movement” while bouncing. She never expressed her own politics, but we all know what “movement” translates into. The conquest of the proletariat over the czar (bush) when it’s necessary.

  12. forged rite said

    That was probably the Vote or Die campaign if i remember right. I didn’t know she was a part of that. Oh well, that was a couple of years ago, maybe she’s changed her mind about things since then. Probably not though.

  13. lauraw said

    to keep LauraW in line.

    What’d I do now?

  14. I have new socks on!

  15. Ralph Wiggums said

    My cat’s breath smells like cat food!

  16. mesablue said


  17. The dems keep thinking the youth vote is going to support them, but this has been proven bogus time and time again ever since the 60’s. There is no youth vote — on election day, bong hits, banging Suzy rotten crotch, and Sony Play Stations trump politics — every fucking time.

    HST, before he graciously blew his brains out, lamented this effect every election season.

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