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Olby is Insane.

Posted by Wickedpinto on April 25, 2007

First Giulliani is un-American.  I thought it was Republicans who said that, though in general they don’t.  He goes on to blame Bush through implication for September 11th, as well as blaming, once again through implication, Giuliani for September 11th.

He then describes how Iraq is the most ruinous war in the history of our country, puts on his psychiatrist cap and diagnoses the Vice President as delusional, and then compares Giuliani to Robespierre (which, in context should be treated as a compliment in my opinion.) as well as McCarthy(much less a compliment in context.)

I will include a perma in a few when olbywatch updates. (if you don’t read it, do so, but don’t eat less than half an hour before you do so, you might get cramps and drown)

Really, this is a “journalist” commenting in the most hyperbolic manor about things he clearly knows nothing about just so he can manipulate the balnce to favor whichever side it is that he’s on.

Update: Here’s the perma at olbywatch, ain’t updated with tonights analysis yet.

Update:  I criticized olby for using “un-American” and here is James Inhoffe who called a sitting Senator (reid) un-American, or rather having done something that is un-American.  Now, I think that Inhoffe was a bit lazy in the description, but at least he validated his point of view (one I don’t necessarily disagree with, though I would rather he said un-patriotic, or opportunistic, rather than un-American.  I think reid loves America, but I think he is willing to punch his mother in the face if he can stay in control of the Senate.  That doesn’t mean he hates his mother, it’s just that he knows his mother’s face will heal while he’s the Senate Majority Leader)

Update: The perma is updated with all of johnny dollars commentary, and analysis.

One Response to “Olby is Insane.”

  1. most ruinous war in the history of our country

    Ruinous to his credibility perhaps. Not to wish him ill or anything, but he would look very dapper in a black suit in a coffin .

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