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Hugo, you sly boy

Posted by mesablue on April 27, 2007

He’s been holding out on us.

There may yet be hope for Venezuela.

Milka (heh) Duno passed her IRL driving test today. She has five masters degrees and is 35 years old, which puts her right on the edge of my ‘will not date anyone under 35’ window. She has had success at the 24 hours of Daytona (2nd) and has won a couple of Grand Am races. She’s pretty late to the racing game, which makes it all that much sexier.

I’m more than willing to volunteer my efforts in USA/Venezuelan relations.

IRL’s Duno ups degree of difficulty for everyone

Update: Check out her web site for more Milka goodness.

10 Responses to “Hugo, you sly boy”

  1. mdrunner09 said

    Move over DANICA, she is nice!

  2. You need large tits for them to be obvious in a matt black shirt shot at a 3/4 angle.

  3. Lipstick said

    Those are some big steering wheel obstructions.

  4. Her face is always masked. . . are they trying to hide the fangs, and 4 pronged tongue specially designed for eating mens souls?

    I’m just wonrin.


  6. cranky said

    Looks like the air bags might be original equipment.

    Some really nice legs too.

  7. South American commies are much cuter than those old Russian commies.

  8. forged rite said

    This looks like some vid from the same time as the pic. Only 10 seconds though.

  9. okay forged, let me say this. . . .

    Face iffy, body definate! and skin, fantastic. I mean really she could be a tranny for all I know (I know tranny’s 3 to be specific and 2 of them are HOT! chicks, they so shouldn’t have been honest with me)

    Her face is too masculine, and if she was actually hot, the pic’s would be of her face, not of her tits. I’m just saying.

  10. I’d hit it.

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