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Islam and the traitors, I mean press.

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 31, 2007

Link requires registration, worth the 20 or 30 seconds, for you retards, take the 2 minutes to hunt and peck in your adobe hut, without electric lighting, it’s worth it.

“It is not entirely obvious to me that Buruma has read very much by Ramadan, nor that Stéphanie Giry has read more than a single book, though she has met the man. As for Garton Ash, he confesses in his New York Review essay that he bases his judgment on having heard Ramadan speak, which may suggest that he has read nothing by Ramadan at all. But no matter: a conventional wisdom has plainly convened.”

That’s just a small small small portion of it.  It’s 10 pages, but next time you have enough time to dedicate to learning about the hypocrisy, idiocy and gullability of academia and the press when it comes to people who are fundamentaly our enemies, and how they treat those who WANT to be our allies, well, just make the effort and read it.

 I’m absolutely rapt, and I’m only 5 pages in.

Via insty

Update:  I don’t know if my initial conclusions are accurate, there is a lot of baiting and switching, which is pissing me off, but I guess, that it closes out as I expect.

Update:  I started with the first article, and then I followed the other links at Insty, and this one at Tim Blair’s place. . . . . ASTOUNDING! the hypocricy.  Just click then read, and keep clicking and reading, STUNNING!  The left has NO SHAME!

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Hillarry 2008

Posted by mesablue on May 31, 2007

Allah found this at Free Republic

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On the immigration thing.

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 31, 2007

Look, I’m not a lawyer (one of my few redeeming traits) I didn’t read the bill, cuz I’m not suicidal, and don’t wanna become suicidal, but a long time ago I came to the conclusion that whenever I hear the word “comprehensive” I know that a lot more stuff is gonna be broken on the way to fixing one thing.  The few things I do know about this bill, is that they aren’t even making a real effort to fix the one thing that should be fixed.   Build a friggen wall!  It’s not complicated, in fact, the very first structure ever built by our caveman ancestors (sorry geico) was likely a wall, then another wall, then another wall, and another, only after that they said “hey! you know what?  we need a roof.”  I’m not saying build 4 walls and a roof, just 1 friggen wall, the technology has been around for a long time.  Pass one bill that simply says “Hey! lets build just ONE wall?” and I’m all for it, seeing as how I know that if we have a “comprehensive wall” bill get passed, it will be 1/3 a wall, and 6 roofs with contracts distributed over some 400 constituent area’s.

 Just a wall, submit it, and kill it, see how many people who vote against get elected.

Now to my point (didn’t take any time did it? 🙂  Hugh Hewitt who is an immigration moderate had this to say, and I think it’s awesome when smart people get so riled up that they will talk like this.

No one believes that the employer verification system will get done or work when some half-assed version of it does get done.

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A Celebrity article

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 30, 2007

Written about lindsey and brittany via Perez authored by Patti Davis, who is able to do the only thing that Patti knows how to do.  Be the daughter of some famous people and suck at her chosen proffession.  Note that in the subscript of her “article” it states “Davis, the daughter of Nancy and Ronald Reagan, is a writer based in Los Angeles.”

It’s more important that she is a famous daughter than that she is a writer, which explains while her attempt at dramatic prose falls so flat.  Granted, the underlying theme of her collumn is valid, but really, how many paragraphs are dedicated to the story, and how many to Patti?

Now listen, I’m not saying I’m better (I’m at least an equal) but I’m “a bored lunatic, who is allowed to post on the web,” not “a writer based in Los Angeles.”  I tell the truth of my idiocy, meanwhile Patti sticks with what she does best.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 30, 2007

A picture at gateway that I find rather powerful.

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Absolutely touching

Posted by mesablue on May 30, 2007

The young widow of a USMC Lance Corporal, who was recently killed in action, is enlisting in the Army to be a combat medic.

A combat medic held the hand of her husband as he died. She wants to be able to offer the same kind of support to our soldiers and Marines in their time of need.

A Special Soldier Remembered On Memorial Day By His Wife

One year ago Melissa and Edward Garvin of Malden were celebrating their wedding. They had culminated their relationship that started in second grade and eventually led to the altar on May 26, 2006. The wedding was held with the knowledge that Marine Lance Corporal Garvin would be deploying shortly after he said “I do” to his longtime sweetheart. The fact that something could happen to her husband never entered the thought process for, at the time, 19-year old Melissa.

“Never”, said Melissa Garvin. “I knew he was leaving in September but you still never think that anything will happen to him. Last year I was extremely happy and this year definitely not.”

The unthinkable happened on October 4 2006. Lance Corporal Edward Garvin was killed in the Anbar Province of Iraq while on combat operations. . It brought an end to a life that had promise. He was special according to Melissa Garvin in personality and what he wanted to accomplish.

The death of a soldier would hit any family member hard. Age and experience mean nothing when trying to cope. Sometimes in life death is expected because of illness. It does not make things easier but that scenario allows for preparation. A death in combat offers no warning. It comes knocking at the door with immediacy. And the immediacy hits hard. It hit hard for Melissa Garvin.

“It was surreal”, she says. “It was all a blur. It was like watching a movie and sometimes it does not seem real. You sort of expect him to come through the door. But you know he is not going to. It is definitely not easy.”

“It may sound strange”, she says “but the strength comes from being together with him since second grade. He still pushes me to keep going. I know for him I need to keep going. I want to make sure that he is always remembered and it is what makes me keep going every single day.”

Melissa Garvin’s immediate future involves giving back. Her late husband was a Boy Scout and worked for the Boy Scouts before he became a marine. She ran a fundraiser recently for the T.L. Storer Scout Camp in Barnstead, New Hampshire and started a scholarship which will send 11 kids to the camp. She is also headed to the camp June 16th to redo the camp using the money she raised.

After that there will not be much time until July 11th. It is a date that is significant because she leaves for basic training. Melissa has joined the army. If you are asking why you are not alone. She says everyone asks. Her reasons for enlisting of course do have something to do with what happened in October but not in the way you might imagine.

“I did it for many reasons,” she says. “One is because what helps me is knowing my husband did not suffer after talking to the medic that actually worked on him. I wanted to be able to do the same thing for other people. If I could go over there, which is my goal to go to Iraq, and I could help one family member not feel the pain I feel every day it will be worth it.”

This story is about Melissa and Edward Garvin. It is symbolic however of many families in the United States on Memorial Day 2007. It is meant to call attention to our fallen heroes on a day when millions are at a barbecue, on a golf course, and contemplating several great months of pleasure. The reason we can do what we want to do is because of the sacrifices these “Heroes” are making.


Godspeed, Melissa Garvin.

Video at CNN via Hot Air.

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When will the USA be fired?!

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 29, 2007

Oh, no he won’t, and noone will care, cuz only incompetent democrat leftovers who refuse to research democratic wrongdoing are fired.  Not republican apointed usda’s who actually do their EFFING JOB!!!!  I guess it’s partisan, but if you think you are right, you might be wrong.

Update:  My retarded ass called the USA/US Attorney, a USDA, thinking “district” cuz I’m retarded, I corrected it in the headline.

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How does he find this stuff?

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 29, 2007

Purple Avenger, finds a completely dork way of talking about boobs.  Really, I understand the basics, I think we all do, but there was someone who had a “study” and has gotten a “patent”  HOW IN THE HELL DO I GET THAT JOB!!!!!!

 Update:  I don’t know if you guys know this, cuz I’m all about boobs, and am currently working on an ASS based derivative of this original study, and a patent based on that study.   any women with great asses, please contact me.   Wickedpinto@gmail.com.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 29, 2007

I ain’t got nothing, can barely even think, so I will just point you guys to powerline.

So far it’s just a rumor, but those guys actually know guys, and even more, they know guys who know guys who know guys.   All you Chicagoins should be able to understand that.

Inclusion: The “all you Chicagoins should be able to understand that.”  Well, I think that cubs fans might know a different kind of “guy that knows guys” than the sochi sox fans.  NTTAWT cubs fans.

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Hog wild

Posted by mesablue on May 28, 2007

A guy is upset because his home went into foreclosure.

So, what does he do?

Police: Man used pigs to trash house

EAGLE CREEK, Ore., May 28 Police were looking for an Oregon man who allegedly locked three pigs in his home hoping they would trash it after the house went into foreclosure.

Detective Jim Strovink of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said Shane Lovett of Eagle Creek had been distraught about the foreclosure and joked to neighbors he had locked the pigs in his home more than a week ago without any food or water, KGW-TV in Portland, Ore., reported Monday.

Deputies responded to a neighbor’s complaint about the pigs and found the inside and outside of the house had been trashed. Thomas Getten, an animal rescue expert, said the pigs were dehydrated but otherwise healthy after he coaxed them outside.

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Awesome AMA from the Origional AMA’er

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 28, 2007

Apparently Cindy isn’t done with being an attention whore until she finishes this current attempt at whoring herself out for attention.

“The first conclusion is that I was the darling of the so-called left as long as I limited my protests to George Bush and the Republican Party”

Now you figure it out Cindy?  Ain’t you the bright one!

 have endured a lot of smear and hatred since Casey was killed

Unlike the smears that you have endeavoured to perpetrate against your own son, and others like him?  Poor YOU!  I thought this was about Casey, the noble individual who EFFING DIED! not about a worn out and put away wet old broad who needs her “me time” in front of a national camera.

Also, the preface of each of these quotes is…

I have come to some heartbreaking conclusions this Memorial Day Morning.

What a BRAVE and NOBLE hero you are Cindy, for pointing out that on MEMORIAL EFFING DAY MORNING! what you are thinking about is not Casey, but rather using him as a tool to demonstrate your self pitty!

Good on you GIRL!!!

This is the left, the spend memorial day wondering why THEY aren’t acknowledged, Especially those with AMA.

Via allah, and thanks to DKos, for letting their own members demonstrate exactly their own nature.

Update: well, actually Backdate: since Geoff beat me to it by hours, Geoff has another analysis of this rotten attention whore willing to dance with hugo on her own childs grave.

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Holy moly!

Posted by mesablue on May 28, 2007

The Rosie O’Donut post got linked by Instapundit!

Two days ago Wickedpinto calls him a goober — then we get linked.

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Indy 500

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 27, 2007

Apparently Ashley Judd’s husband Franchetti, whoever that is, won the Indianapolis 500 after 166 laps, the race was called because of rain.

My question, The Indy 500 is called the “Indy 500” because it is a 500 mile race over 200 laps on a 2.5 mile track.

So. . . . do the spectators get re-imbursed for the 85 miles they didn’t get to view? Or are they gonna call this years race, the Indianapolise 415?  I’m just curious.

I hate the “sport” of any driving race, though I appreciate the skill, I think it’s boring, I can wind up my vibrating football game and play out every season but I don’t, cuz I like football.   Just saying.

To restate the outcome, some guy who gets to sleep with Ashley Judd (who was very cute in a sodden summer dress) wins the Indianapolis 415.

Edit: I screwed up, (go figure) 34 laps is 85 miles, not 90, and the Indy 500 didn’t become the Indianapolis 410, but rather the Indianapolis 415.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 27, 2007

So in the chicago area, the cicada’s have been going crazy for the last few days, luckily in my Indiana burb we don’t have to deal with that crap, but it covers the news waves at all times, when they surface, I think the last time I had to deal with this (other than okinawa in 1997, which is more than a little different) in the chicago area was in 93, maybe 94, I can’t remember exactly, cuz like I said, my burb don’t get them.

I decided to look into it anyways, and the first time I searched at yahoo, I found cicada recipes as the top post, then I found other things, but I think that “cicada recipe’s” really took the cake.

My only other experience with cicada’s made me almost visceraly terrified of the insectile flying terrorists, cuz in oki, and in asia in general the insects have NO respect, like they do here in the US.   Still, “cicada recipe’s” makes me think, I should never eat at that persons house.

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Sunday Morning Cartoon

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 27, 2007

Like I mentioned, this weeks SMC won’t be a cartoon, but it’s definately cartoonish.

This is another one of those shows that I absolutely HAD to watch for a period of time, and once again, as an adult, I wonder why the hell I ever felt the need to watch Ultraman.

Nope, no clue, no idea why I watched this.

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Posted by mesablue on May 27, 2007

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2 reasons Insty is awesome

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 26, 2007

Other than the money, the hot wife, the sweet gig, and the fact that he gets to attend stuff like this (those are all number 1)

another one is that he has all that stuff, and has no problem looking like a complete goober.  No really look at the pick at the bottom of his post, straight goober.  You gotta appreciate someone who is so content with life that he has no problem looking like that on one of the hottest blogs on the planet.

Update: With the ‘lanche, and Mesa’s observation about the timeline I noticed this it’s almost like he’s taunting me I tell you.

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Thanks Nancy!

Posted by mesablue on May 25, 2007

How’s that 100 hours days years thing going?

Let’s check.

Of the twenty six bills that have made it out of the Pelosi/Reid congress to the president’s desk:

6 Named Post Offices
3 Named Courthouses
2 Named Federal Buildings
2 Named Roads
5 Extended Existing Laws
8 Were backed by the GOP with no opposition

Even the troop funding bill passed with mostly GOP support.

So, half of all the legislation that Nancy and friends have passed is to name something after one of their own. Five more don’t really even count. And the rest would have probably happened in some form anyway.

Guess we can see where their priorities lie.

Great work! Let’s see if you can work on that 29% approval rating.

at the Bullwinkle Blog

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Friday night fights

Posted by mesablue on May 25, 2007

Who wins a fight between a herd of water cape buffalo, a pride of lions and a crocodile?

It’s kinda long but worth sticking around until the end.

h/t CAD Daddy at AoS

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A letter from John

Posted by mesablue on May 25, 2007

I get emails from John McCain’s campaign because I sent him some money way back when I believed his “Straight Talk” crap.

Today’s was pretty funny:

“While Senator Obama’s two years in the U.S. Senate certainly entitle him to vote against funding our troops, my service and experience combined with conversations with military leaders on the ground in Iraq lead me to believe that we must give this new strategy a chance to succeed because the consequences of failure would be catastrophic to our nation’s security.

“By the way, Senator Obama, it’s a ‘flak’ jacket, not a ‘flack’ jacket.”

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