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Alec Baldwin orders a pizza

Posted by mesablue on May 1, 2007

And, 30,000 hits. Woo hoo!

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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 1, 2007

I imagine most of you are gonna soil yourselves at learning this, but at one time in my life I was in the Marine Corps.  No, it’s true.

 Anyways, one of the things you have to do to become a “Marine” is to pass a swimming qualification.  I, fortunately, was soft and trained well enough to be qualified as SQ (a little tougher than lifeguard stuff, yeah I went to the ymca for swim courses as a kid, I recommend it for every parent, and every child) however I did see people be “dropped” because of swimming, and they were given additional chances.  Most bad swimmers quit immediately (maybe 1 or 2 people per platoon at most) anyways, the goal of boot, is to give the recruit a chance to succeed.

Many think that the recruits are harrangued constantly (which they are) but whenever it comes to something that only the recruit can do, they let the recruit have every chance.  So if you jump into the water, and try, but fail, if you don’t call out something along the lines of “I quit” the SQ instructors will leave you alone so you can try.  Sometimes people inhale water, sometimes people panic and sink, but the training regimine of the swim quall is very well regulated, and as soon as a recruit is threatened with real harm, the trainers act, and protect the recruit.

Basicaly, unless you quit on the swim qual, you will suck water, you will experience a very real sense of drowning, and you will be safe.  The swim quallers will be safe.

If it’s okay to allow our own, most basicly trained marines who can’t swim experience something much worse than waterboarding, why is it evil to allow our worst enemy’s something that simulates it?

Quick story:

  For some reason my training data was lost, I was listed as s1, when I was actually sq.  (twice as a matter of fact, and the second(actually third time) I went through SQ testing, I couldn’t make it, my body changed too much, so I don’t regret the second one) and I volunteered for testing (if you are s1 you only have to be tested every 5 years I think, SQ’s don’t ever have to be tested I think) anyways, there I am, going through the s-2, maybe s-1 (you get tested in total, you don’t get to skip) lifeguard like tests, and I was the “drowner” during one of the practices.

This particular practice was the “dive retrieval” (pardon my spelling) I think it’s called, it’s where the “victim” is underwater, and you have to be able to surface with the vic into open air, and basicaly scissor kick your ass back to shore (it sucks, cuz I think you have to cover 100 meters, and while I could have done more, I didn’t want to do more than 20, swimming in general is a strain, especially dragging someone you have to semi-drown every 50 meters, is even worse)

Anyways, I was the “drowner” so I voided my lungs enough to sink, and the guy who was supposed to rescue me took his own sweet ass time.  I actually hit bottom on a 10′ and waited (usually they catch you pretty quick in the practice.) but I knew the guy I was practicing with was a good swimmer so I waited, and waited and waited (5 or 10 seconds is an infinity when you are underwater and empty lungs) FINALY! the dude grabs me. 

Now a little background, to do this sort of retrieval you put your hands “LIKE A KNIFE!” (hehe) under the armpits of the victim/drowner and then you kinda drive your elbows into the drowners ribs, this forces the buoyancy of the vic into an advantagous manipulation of the drowner, and then you kick to the surface.

Thing is, when this guy (actually a friend) grabbed me, he hurt me (quite a bit) and my already oxygen deprived lungs paniced, and I inhaled water.  That is a horrible horrible experience btw, absolutely Effing horrible, anyone who says that “drowning is peaceful” is only talking about the view, the experience of inhaling water is EFFING HORRIBLE! When I surfaced after about maybe 2 seconds of a partial breath of water in my lungs, I breathed it out (with many curse words) and then bitched at my “rescuer.”

Anyways, if we put even our most basic recruits through this, why can’t we put our enemy’s through it?  And don’t get me started on the “tv chair” and stuff.

Does it suck?  yes, it sucks a lot, but you know what?  LIFE sucks, and if you are gonna serve in the military, your life sucks much more (though much more rewarding than “real” life) and if you are an enemy, you should expect to be treated a little if not much worse than the nation treats it’s own people.

Suck it up islam, you kill baby’s, we make you pass swim quals.

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