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Alec Baldwin orders a pizza

Posted by mesablue on May 1, 2007

And, 30,000 hits. Woo hoo!

Previously: Alec Baldwin is a scumbag

Thanks to Elzbth


9 Responses to “Alec Baldwin orders a pizza”

  1. PattyAnn said

    30,000 hits

    But not as many comments as ”KevlarChick”

  2. mesablue said

    I know your sly ways PattyAnn.

  3. mesablue said

    And, you were comment 777 in four months. Nah, na, na, nah, na.

    I hadn’t looked that up before. I’m impressed.

  4. forged rite said

    # 780!


  5. forged rite said

    Actually, i didn’t consider comments on other threads so i have no idea what number i was. I’ll tell stories of the day i might have been #780 to my grandchildren though.

  6. #780 to my grandchildren though.


  7. forged rite said

    I don’t have grandchildren Wicked, i was just trying be funny.

  8. PattyAnn said

    Wow. I am impressed at the crazy blog comments number.
    You need to be wily and help KC blog reach 1,000 comments, mesablue. WB and WP should take lessons from the Master.

  9. wiserbud said

    What is the “Kevlarchick” you speak of? Some kind of bullet-proof sex doll or something? Sounds like it might be useful to someone like Phil Spector or Robert Blake.

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