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American Idol

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 2, 2007

If melinda goes?  I’m done with this show,  really, melinda is the best technical singer YET, but she’s in danger according to dial idol.

Update:  My girls are safe.  Riff Raff is gone.

Update:  Chris is going home, THANK YOU, Blake completely flipped the script and made that stuff his own.

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Boom doggity

Posted by mesablue on May 2, 2007

More weird news close to home.

A pissed off crack head from Toledo tries to get back at her ex-boyfriend by kidnapping his chihauhua and wrapping it in duct tape and wires to make it look like a bomb, holding it for ransom and then tossing it into his father’s bar.

Not sure what the hunk of cheese tied around Hector’s neck was for.

Woman held in dog ransom plot at North Toledo bar

Patrons feared bomb as pet was taped with wires, tossed into bar

Hector went on the ride of his life yesterday.

And it’s not one the dog or his owner want to remember.

The long-haired Chihuahua was dognapped and held for $50 ransom. He was bound with duct tape, a broken electrical device, and wires to look like a bomb. And he was thrown through the open front door of his owner’s North Toledo bar.

Shortly after bar patrons panicked — for they initially thought Hector was a bomb — an East Toledo woman accused in the crime was handcuffed and booked into the Lucas County jail.

Latonia Hill, 35, of 902 East Broadway, was charged with inducing panic, cruelty to animals, and menacing. She was being held in the jail in lieu of a $3,000 bond on the misdemeanors after arraignment in Toledo Municipal Court.

Ms. Hill is accused of using orange tape to attach the electrical device and wires to Mr. Dalton’s furry friend, going to the bar, and tossing Hector inside.

Police arrested her at her home at short time later.

Ms. Hill called the bar and asked for $50 each for Hector and his son’s dog, which had not been taken.

Mr. Dalton said a piece of cheese and a picture of his son was hanging around the dog’s neck. Carl Schwirzinski, 52, who said he lives next to the bar, said Hector’s legs and mouth were bound with tape.

Fannie Dalton, Mr. Dalton’s wife, said she fled out the back door when the “device” suddenly flew in through the open bar door.

“We didn’t know what the heck it was,” Mr. Dalton said.

No kidding.

Ten points for creativity. I like the cheese thing.

-50 for being a dumbass.

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