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American Idol

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 2, 2007

If melinda goes?  I’m done with this show,  really, melinda is the best technical singer YET, but she’s in danger according to dial idol.

Update:  My girls are safe.  Riff Raff is gone.

Update:  Chris is going home, THANK YOU, Blake completely flipped the script and made that stuff his own.


16 Responses to “American Idol”

  1. wileybud said

    ‘Pinto, don’t you think it is slightly unfair that Melinda is a professional singer, albeit a backup singer?

  2. There were a number of “professional” singers and all of them are already gone.

    Melinda was a BACKGROUND singer, not a lead, and to win this game you have to be a lead. Did James lebrie take anything from sebastian bach when he got big with Skid Row, even though James was Sebastians vocal coach even though james was better?

    You get what you earn, and sometimes it takes time, just cuz melinda had paid her dues unlike sanjaya doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve her chance.

  3. not gay wiserbud said

    Okay. Then do you think Melinda has what it takes to be a lead singer?

  4. Joe said

    No matter what you do, you have to sell it. The packaging and who you know has a lot to do with it, now that we have TV and all. I was all for Sanjaya, he just plain old looked and acted like a star…he will stay famous for something.

    No Mesa, not his sister.

  5. she don’t have the looks, but she got the talent and the personality wiser.

    Melinda, or blake.

  6. not gay wiserbud said

    Jordin probably won’t win, but in my opinion, she should. She pretty much embodies the whole Idol concept to me. Yeah, she sucked this week, but fine, she doesn’t do Bon Jovi songs anymore and she’ll be fine.

  7. carin said

    I’m not a big Jordan fan. Her high notes just hit me a tad screechy. I know everyone loves her, but out of the four remaining, I could definitely say I’d never buy a album by her.

    The right people went home tonight. America has spoken.

  8. There’s something oddly attractive about jordan, and I hate to say it, about melinda too.

    It isn’t just her sweetness, or maybe it’s an aspect of how sweet melinda is. or maybe melinda is losing some weight or something, but I’m actually seeing melinda as “cute.” I don’t know, maybe it’s just the general appreciation of her talent and personality.

    Lakisha still needs to dump some tonnage, but for some reason these very uncute women seem to be becoming “cute” to me now.

  9. Totaly donut punching wiserbud?

    What you think of blake? In general I don’t like him, I think his voice sucks, but he is VERY marketable. Do you disagree with that?

  10. carin said

    I think Blake is an ok singer, but his real strength is that has a sense of music. Style. He’d probably make a really good producer.

    Melinda is just awesome. And Lakisha too. Jordin. Feh.

  11. Lisa said

    I think Melinda has a great voice, but she “acts” too much. The constant surprise look is getting old to me.

  12. Joe said

    Wp you must like women in the 3-5 range, based on your milka comments.
    But hey, sometimes the girls you THINK you can score are more attractive, right Mesa.

  13. Joe,

    I’ve developed a philosophy of beauty that isn’t exclusive to T&A. I wasn’t saying I would hit them, none of them are my style, however, there is something oddly attractive about melinda and lakisha even though they are so poorly made, and Jordan is too young, and likely to be in melinda territory at way too young an age.

    I judge the whole woman as best I can.

  14. Joe said

    Good for you, You sound enlightened.

  15. Jenny said

    A guy who admits that beauty isn’t exclusinve to T&A….hmmm, you are a rare bird.

  16. Joe,

    As I and my brother say.

    “I got mine,”

    I did the hit and quit long enough and I had the build and the job that made it easy and common, and now I’m a little older and a little more. . .thorough, rather than enlightened.

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