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Boom doggity

Posted by mesablue on May 2, 2007

More weird news close to home.

A pissed off crack head from Toledo tries to get back at her ex-boyfriend by kidnapping his chihauhua and wrapping it in duct tape and wires to make it look like a bomb, holding it for ransom and then tossing it into his father’s bar.

Not sure what the hunk of cheese tied around Hector’s neck was for.

Woman held in dog ransom plot at North Toledo bar

Patrons feared bomb as pet was taped with wires, tossed into bar

Hector went on the ride of his life yesterday.

And it’s not one the dog or his owner want to remember.

The long-haired Chihuahua was dognapped and held for $50 ransom. He was bound with duct tape, a broken electrical device, and wires to look like a bomb. And he was thrown through the open front door of his owner’s North Toledo bar.

Shortly after bar patrons panicked — for they initially thought Hector was a bomb — an East Toledo woman accused in the crime was handcuffed and booked into the Lucas County jail.

Latonia Hill, 35, of 902 East Broadway, was charged with inducing panic, cruelty to animals, and menacing. She was being held in the jail in lieu of a $3,000 bond on the misdemeanors after arraignment in Toledo Municipal Court.

Ms. Hill is accused of using orange tape to attach the electrical device and wires to Mr. Dalton’s furry friend, going to the bar, and tossing Hector inside.

Police arrested her at her home at short time later.

Ms. Hill called the bar and asked for $50 each for Hector and his son’s dog, which had not been taken.

Mr. Dalton said a piece of cheese and a picture of his son was hanging around the dog’s neck. Carl Schwirzinski, 52, who said he lives next to the bar, said Hector’s legs and mouth were bound with tape.

Fannie Dalton, Mr. Dalton’s wife, said she fled out the back door when the “device” suddenly flew in through the open bar door.

“We didn’t know what the heck it was,” Mr. Dalton said.

No kidding.

Ten points for creativity. I like the cheese thing.

-50 for being a dumbass.


18 Responses to “Boom doggity”

  1. The cheese thing was undoubtedly setting up for an insanity defense if she got caught…which actually looks pretty solid right now anyway.

    • latonia hill said

      get the facts all charges was dismissed.i was at home in bed.i tested clean for all drugs.a 15yr girl done it.you ppl are so quick to judge without knowing the facts!!!

  2. Does that mean I can kill people and get an insanity defense as long as I smear cheese wiz on my chest beforehand?

    • latonia hill said

      get the factss!!!!all charges was dimissed.i was at home in bed.im no drug user.i tested clean 4 all drugs.a 15 year girl done that.so quick to judge without knowing the facts!!!1

  3. mesablue said

    Isn’t that what you do every Friday night anyway to get laid?

    No need to change your M.O.

    • latonia hill said

      get the facts jackass.it wasnt me.all charges was dismissed.i tested clean for all drugs.it was a 15yr girl.so quick to judge.i was home in bed.she took my van then took hecker.i have a husband no need for jerry’s son.

  4. minus the killing, thats about right.

  5. Radish said

    Poor Hector.

  6. Frankly said

    Mesa has a blog? Hmmm… Who knew?

    That Hector is Da Bomb!
    Sorry – I always go for the easy joke. Besides Ace’s is down again & Mesa is starving for the hits, right?

  7. Not starving, just whorish, and actually, he has been very nice about which corners he visits.

    Go a little easy on the boss, he’s moderated his freeby’s lately.

  8. Frankly said

    he’s moderated his freeby’s lately. Not quite sure what you mean by that…

    As to going easy on him? Hell, I’m just trying to crack wise and fit in. Beside, I got the feeling he has a thick skin, and again, I always go for the easy joke – I’m not bright enough to come up with original material.

  9. wiserbud said

    [snicker} getaway car… [snicker]

    any guesses on the reference? anyone?

  10. wileybud said

    By the way, Frankly, if you’re really bored, this site could really use some comment love……

    help a sister out!

  11. Frankly said

    Heh… very wierd. I just left my first comment ever at KCs & then see your comment. I’d been there to read a few times, but was just looking around to see where the action was & decided to finally comment. Yes, I’m bored (and hungry – can you help out with that, too?).

  12. wiserbud said

    not me, but maybe Johnny Coldcuts is around here somewhere?

    As for KC’s site, we like to think of it as the place to go when you are pretty much done checking out the rest of the internet.

  13. heather said

    its sad how people can judge my mother on this when a 15 year old girl was later convicted of the crime. my mother (latonia) for one, tested clean of any drug that day so to call her a crackhead is way out of line for two he wasnt her boyfriend i think my dad would have known if he was considering to this day jerrys son is my dads best friend so the story is all twisted and you people are fucked up in the head

  14. latonia hill said

    get the facts ppl all charges was dimissed.im no drug user.i tested clean 4 all drugs.i was at home in bed.a 15 year old girl took my van and took hecker!!!! jerry’s pub is a drug bar everyone knows it.they backed up a child rapist who is now doing life.why dont you judge them???i havnt done a thing.i love animals and i have animals.im not who you try to make me be.get the facts all the facts!!!!

    • heather said

      We know the truth mom thats all that fuckn matters these idiots “claim” to be animal rights activist or whatever but seems to me they are more like perez hilton {gay celebrity gossip blogger} always fast to talk about someone else!!!

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