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I’m totaly buying the rest of this series.

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 3, 2007

Thanks to Baen Free Library I came across this series by this author, and in this book.

 In “Honor of the Queen” Weber in line makes this statement within his fiction.

“I’m afraid I can’t quite agree with you, Sir,” she said at last, setting her glass down precisely and keeping her voice as pleasant as humanly possible. “Your argument assumes all negotiators are reasonable, first, and second, that they can always agree on what represents a ‘reasonable compromise,’ but if history demonstrates one thing quite clearly, it’s that they aren’t and they can’t. If you can see the advantage of peaceful trade between these people, then surely it ought to be evident to them, but the record indicates no one on either side has ever even discussed the possibility. That suggests a degree of hostility that makes economic self-interest immaterial, which, in turn, suggests that what we consider rationalism may not play a particularly prominent part in their thinking. Even if it did, mistakes happen, Mr. Houseman, and that’s where the people in uniform come in.”

Kissing ass doesn’t end conflict, it is a surrender of responsibility.  Appeasement, and ignorance, succeeds in nothing, but empowering the enemy as long as the enemy is weaker the defender.   I can kiss ass without getting an ass kicking, and if I kiss ass afer an ass kicking is definate, you can bet the ass I’m kissing, will then turn around and kick my ass.   That is the nature of people who require the kissing of the ass.

diplomacy itself is an admission of weakness, or strength, and the only real measure of if that weakness or strength or weakness is built almost exclusively on the military.  THAT is what Clausewitz was saying.

Did anyone who ever references Clausewitz actually read what he said?  He wasn’t militaristic, but he knew that there is no diplomacy without a very real military presence, I mean, EFFING PLEASE!

And don’t get me started on the misrepresentations of Macchiavelli and “the prince.”

“I guess I do, and that’s probably why you feel like you ran. There are two sides to every dialogue, but if you accept the other side’s terms without demanding equal time for your own, then they control the debate and its outcome.”

And a contemporary argument for how the ‘pubs just roll over.

Yes, you are, Sir. That’s not a suggestion. I have my orders from Admiral Yanakov and Admiral Courvosier, and we’re all going to obey them.”

“Orders? What orders?”

“Admiral Yanakov told Admiral Courvosier to get you home, Sir . . . and Admiral Courvosier lived long enough to confirm those orders to me.”

I want to cry.  Thats how I FEAL but could I ever act upon it?  I don’t know.  This is fiction, science fiction, telling a story that we all should know, but it’s shocking because we DON’T EFFING KNOW IT!!!!  We are a small weak society made up of contemplative pussies, rather than strong individuals who know and love this nation.


There is a LOT of truth in fiction.

rails are broken and I don’t care if this is mesa’s place, I think a story like this should be told even if it is fiction, because once, ONCE this is the ideal I held, and those who serve now do.

It is my nation, and I will do my best, and oddly enough those ignorant mercenary’s of American imperialism do their best, and they do it without acclaim, not because the love themselves, but because they love you.

They love YOU.

Inclusion:  Really, they do love you, even if you don’t appreciate it, I know, and I bet mesa knows, and I bet many others do as well.  We Entered service for our own reasons but ultimately we realized, that we loved you, all of you.  being a Marine is a bitch.  🙂


Update:  sorry I keep forgetting to categorize my posts, sorry about that mesa.


2 Responses to “I’m totaly buying the rest of this series.”

  1. PattyAnn said

    Thanks for the library link, mesablue. I quit reading sci-fi/fantasy books over 10 years ago when my first husband died. I think I’m ready to start reading it again and will be working on this free library first.

  2. PattyAnn said

    oops. I meant WP.

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