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The old grey lady…

Posted by mesablue on May 6, 2007

Just ain’t what she used to be.

Just saying.

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8 Responses to “The old grey lady…”

  1. Expect it to keep falling.

  2. wiserbud said

    It’s very rare that I take pleasure in a stock dropping like this, considering how there are a whole lot of people out ther who don;t even know that their retirement plan may have this in their protfolio, but somehow, this feels right.

    That said, I was recently gifted about 130 shares of Chevron. I am torn. Do I keep it out of respect for the person who gifted it to me or do I do what I feel is politically right and dump it?

  3. Chevron?

    Because of the Hugo thing? Don’t worry, hugo nationalized all of the oil operations except for exploration I think. It won’t be long before he kicks out those guys too.

  4. geoff said

    In a couple more years we’ll be able to buy the NYT – that’d be fun, if only to set loose WP on the Op-Ed page.

  5. Ace talked about this some months ago. The trading on the NYT’s is actually a farce, all A stocks, and the controling majority is held, thanks to the trust of the founder, to be exclusive to family.

    So the NYT’s is a sink or swim situation. How that agreement becomes a valid publicly traded company is beyond me. Same thing with Google.

    No matter how many shares you own, it doesn’t matter, all of the shares that matter are owned by the founders. By buying into google all you did is join a ponzy scheme, because you have absolutely no influence with google.

  6. Man I feel good, I just trimmed my beard. have a somewhat weak jaw, or at least weaker than I prefer, but this thick beard properly groomed, makes me look all sorts of respectable.

  7. When Pinchy boy is finally living in a cardboard box under the bridge my life will be complete.

  8. Or the van down by the river.

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