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On your own.

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 8, 2007

find it at baen.

Tell me this quote hasn’t lived in most of your minds or hearts at least once in your life, even if it has never touched your lips.

“My innocent, I died a long time ago. My life passed with my magic, my sight and Cormac. The chance of dying against the chance of striking at the League is no hazard at all.”

I died when I EAS’d, but I’m reminded that there is still life, but I think everyone over 30 has experienced exactly that moment, suffered it, and then re-evaluated it so that they could be more.

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Yes it is.

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 8, 2007

Is the RIAA guilty of violating Rico laws? via insty’s link, he seems less absolute.

The RIAA is a self destructive thuggish group of money grubbing retards. The don’t forget that it takes time to download music, music that individuals have heard of but haven’t heard, but they have no problem with it being broadcast over the networks, rebroadcast over the nets, and recorded over either, because their fraction of a cent.

But they don’t like me downloading “cop shoot cop” who virtually noone has heard of, or me downloading “drink drive and spill” from some other punk band, or refreshing my hatred of hate punk that a small group of friends liked when I was in lower levels of highschool like “skredriver” or “blackdeath”

Now I won’t buy a CD, or order a CD by “blackdeath” or “skrewdriver” but I will and have from “cop shoot cop” and “20 fingers” and “Carl Orff” and “Dashboard Confessionals?”

Granted, it’s very very moody that music I listed, but how many more songs do I have on my lists that I would have never listened too were it not for file sharing?  I can tell you, HUNDREDS!  The RIAA made more money thanks to file sharing (at least in my case, cuz I had a good stereo system, and I like clean play) than they lost.  You know who lost money?  BRITTANY EFFING SPEARS!  PARIS EFFING HILTON and even evanescence, I waited until the MTV compilation that had only that one song.

RIAA?  Stop thinking you are Michael, you aren’t even Pentangelo, you are barely Lefty, and you are only lefty cuz donny is protecting you.

(yes I mixed movie metaphors.)

My point.  I bought a lot of CD’s I never would have bought had it not been for File Sharing, which I “do not do at all in anyway whatsoever now, because it is “totaly illegal” even though the issue hasn’t been resolved honestly in any place other than vermont and NY”  So I don’t do it 😉

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