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American Idol

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 9, 2007

I can’t say, I think that blake did not fit in, and screwed up, but never had lakisha been so ugly and arrogant.  Melinda and Jordan are safe, but, jordan won’t sell jack cuz she really isn’t ready yet.

But for some reason as lakisha advances she becomes one more fat black chick who thinks she deserves the right to live in malibu just because she has a good vocal ability, but she never trained her voice well enough to get RID OF THAT DAMNED LISP!!!  Sorry, I don’t think lisps are cute, I think they are either childish or gay.  I’ve seen her teeth, there is no reason for her to have that lisp, get rid of it and SING DAMNIT!!!

Blake was just screwed, I mean really BARRY FRIGGEN GIB!?!?!  these genre weeks seem built to isolate a particular TYPE of singer.  I think jordan is good, damn good, but not ready yet, and melinda is the ultimate studio voice, she has so much diversity in her inflection.  Lakisha is “just a church girl” who can only go soul, and sorry, I’m effing tired of soul.

blake is unique, he might actually create music that he himself writes, I don’t think the others have that ability yet.

I still favor melinda.


12 Responses to “American Idol”

  1. carin said

    The music library was stacked against Blake. I suppose they are suppose to be able to sing a variety of music, but honestly who wants to hear disco anymore? Last night made my ears bleed.

  2. Not Gay wiserbud said

    Too bad they can’t drop two people this week as well. Blake sucks. If he can’t beatbox it, he can’t handle it. The guy is a one-note, boring wannabe. And this week, it finally caught up with him. I liked how Randy told him that he didn’t need to do that stupid shit on every song, then he comes back later and does the same stupid shit. You could almost see it in his face that he knows he’s history.

    As for Lakisha, I’ve been saying the same thing to my wife for weeks. She may be a great soul singer, but nobody will buy her albums and nobody will want to see her in concert. Too bad for her, but it’s more than just about singing and she doesn’t have anything else.

    Melinda? eh. couldn’t care less. Does absolutely nothing for me.

    Jordin looked awesome and sang incredibly last night. Smart move, sticking with the ballads after that disaster last week. I think she is gonna win this thing.

  3. Not Gay wiserbud said

    melinda is the ultimate studio voice,


  4. Joe said

    I missed it, had to mount a toilet.

  5. lakisha is gone, thank goodness.

    She will make good money on the idol tour, and will definately have studio contracts, but no way in hell can she sell an album.

  6. mesablue said

    I missed it, had to mount a toilet.

    You need help.

  7. Yeah, mesa, thats a . . .whats the term? “wide throat” toilet, if he sat throughout the whole show.

  8. I hate Blake even more than I hated Ace or that no-talent hack that won last season.

  9. who did win last season? I know it wasn’t daughtry, he was SUPREME!!!

  10. Twitch Boy won. Sorry, but we can have Joe Cocker only once per fifty years. And if convulsing is all you can do, wait tables.

  11. Joe said

    Mesa, You know how to do plumbing, thanks for the offer.

  12. Lisa said

    All I can say is that I hope you wore gloves and a mask! That can be a messy task.

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