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When moonbats dance

Posted by mesablue on May 9, 2007

Yeah, these are the people we really want running the country.

Vote Hillary!!! Or worse, Gore.

Does the ‘poet’ know that there is a crazy person flopping all over on the ground/having a siezure in front of her?

And, if a moonbat flops around in the woods, does anyone hear it?


Makes more sense when they remember to turn on the music. Or, the iPod version:

h/t for the first video to Ace. I found the second one while trying to find the original.


3 Responses to “When moonbats dance”

  1. Joe said

    Physically- Yes, if a moonbat is dropped in the woods the displacement of air molecules will form a wave of a certain frequency and will be described as sound, but it may only be percievable by squirrels and bunnies.

    Phycologically-No, sound does not exist if no one is around to hear it.

    Moonbats sense of smell is remarkable, take some pitchuli and some weed, place it in a can and put a candle under it, they will come running.

  2. S. Weasel said

    Oh, dear, how I loved that video. Cheered me right up. The problem with teaching kids that every stupid thing they do is wonderful is…they grow up to step all over each others’ lines.

    I bet poetry grrl wasn’t to happy about interpretive dance grrl.

  3. Interpretive dance.

    My interpretation?


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