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Saturday in the park…

Posted by mesablue on May 12, 2007

The folks at Innocent Bystanders have been having a little fun posting pictures of themselves as cute little kids and then also in their later, not so cute years — with one obvious exception.

I don’t have any cute pictures of myself as a child. I’m sure my dad has some, but I’m not going to bug him or drive three hundred miles just to find out.

But, I do have a few interesting photos taken about a year and a half ago — in Houston.

Let’s see if anyone can figure out what is going on here.

I intentionally chose a few of the more blurry photos to protect the identity of my “friend”.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 12, 2007

Just watch the video, This is all allah’s doing.

Just click this link and watch the video.

she forgets the name of her only, mind you ONLY son.  Pretty much everyone calls my brother (lets call him wickedmustang cuz he has a good life and I don’t)  Pretty much everyone calls wickedmustang, wickedpinto, and everyone calls wickedpinto (yours truly) wickedmustang, but the difference is that we are both male. 

 Gregs mom called him by one of his SISTERS names, thats timeless.

That broad is so mommy, if mommy’ness had a medal it would have her face on it.  FRIGGEN HILARIOUS!

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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 12, 2007


“my grandfather was a firefighter, so the analogy is pretty apt”  WHAT!?  My grandfather was in the navy, I was in the Marines, it wouldn’t be “apt” for my grandfather to take acclaim from me for being in the Marines, any more than it would be “apt” for me to take acclaim for him serving during WWII!

Does this guy know ANYTHING?!  Or is it that he believes he knows everything?

Look people, sometimes (that should be read as “a lot of times”)I say some dumb crap, and I come off as superior, I really don’t mean it, I’m trying to instigate someone who actually knows what they are talking about to take part.  When it comes to law, I don’t know much(if anything), I know that I’m irritated about parts of the law, that says that killing baby’s is a right, but owning guns isn’t.  When it comes to guns, I know how to shoot them, but I don’t like owning them.  Generaly what I try (or at least want) to do is instigate someone who actually knows what the hell they are talking about to take part.  Thats why in some of my comments history you will find a compltion of some of my most prickish moments closing out with something along the lines of “sweet! people who actually know what they are talking about”

Olby?  Olby doesn’t even try, he doesn’t make an effort, he is not just unfamiliar with his topics, he is completely retarded about most of the things he offers these grand judgements on.  If he could ever defer to another person in a reasonable way, I would give him credit, but he never does, he never does that, ever.  He is the exclusive source of factual information, and all of those people who actually know what the hell they are talking about are liars.

Just like the global warming thing, and the Iraq is Vietnam, and commerce is bad, but we need to make commercial business hier more people, I mean really, it’s almost enough to drive someone crazy, and I’m well acquainted with crazy.  Why is it that real thinking people aren’t given a forum equal to that outright lunatic?

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Dewey defeats Truman…again

Posted by mesablue on May 12, 2007

Can they be any more obvious in their bias?

CNN International’s CNN Today program, airing at midnight Eastern, led with the graphic ‘Bush Resigns.’

Sure, it’s just CNN International. But, it’s not like this is the first time something like this happened at CNN. Or the second, or third…

It’s getting pathetic.

From TVNewser via Wizbang

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