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Saturday in the park…

Posted by mesablue on May 12, 2007

The folks at Innocent Bystanders have been having a little fun posting pictures of themselves as cute little kids and then also in their later, not so cute years — with one obvious exception.

I don’t have any cute pictures of myself as a child. I’m sure my dad has some, but I’m not going to bug him or drive three hundred miles just to find out.

But, I do have a few interesting photos taken about a year and a half ago — in Houston.

Let’s see if anyone can figure out what is going on here.

I intentionally chose a few of the more blurry photos to protect the identity of my “friend”.

Cute pictures, yes?

I’ve lost the facial hair and spent the last year in the gym so I look a bit different now. I was kinda skinny in those photos.

Anyway, the story behind the pics is pretty interesting and funny. Maybe someday I’ll tell it.

Update: Heh, I found a photo from about ten years ago. I don’t have a scanner so I just took a picture of it. It’s from my brother’s wedding. Check out the evil eyes.

27 Responses to “Saturday in the park…”

  1. geoff said

    Yikes. That would have creeped me out, but plenty.

  2. That was YOU?

    You Bastich

  3. and may you both have a long and happy life together


    I keed.

    Did you spray the blanket to ward off fire ants?

  4. Nice Deb said

    Jeez, they look like surveillance photos, Mesa. There must be a juicy story behind them!

  5. mesablue said

    It was one of the stranger situations I’ve been involved in.

    Almost had a happy ending.

  6. PattyAnn said

    Didn’t I just see this on the “Cheaters” show? (Of course I’m kidding!)
    mesa, is that in Memorial Park?

  7. mesablue said

    It was not in Houston proper — out near The Woodlands.

    The entire fiasco that this was a part of was well reported in the Houston press. That’s the biggest hint I’m giving.

  8. PattyAnn said

    Okay, how about more “small” hints?

  9. Max Power said


  10. eddiebear said

    Wow. She’s pretty hot.

  11. Either she is rather short or you are very tall.

  12. forged rite said

    Nice Deb is right, definitely surveillance pictures. The question is, who’s being surveilled? Mesa or the woman? Or both? I’ll give Mesa the benefit of the doubt…..for now.

  13. forged rite said

    Damn! Just saw Nice Deb’s picture. Smokin’ hot! I now have a fetish for monkey toes.

  14. mesablue said

    Ok Patty Ann,

    The person that took my “about” picture is the same person in this set of pictures.

    Enron. Nuff said.

  15. PattyAnn said

    mesa, I never dreamed it would involve Enron. I won’t ask any more questions here.

  16. Dave in Texas said

    I just now got it that a person is reflected in those blue sunglasses in your about picture.

    Intrigue. The chicks will groove on that a while.

  17. Lisa said

    That looks like….what’s her face.

  18. mesablue said


  19. Joe said

    Sure looks like you are up to something sneaky and underhanded.
    She didn’t have a chance, did she, you motor boating S.O.B.

  20. Lisa said

    Whatever was going on, you surely knew some weirdo was lurking behind the tree taking your picture. I am surprised you didn’t get up and approach them though….or maybe you did.
    Or maybe you were just caught up in the romantic moment!

  21. Joe said

    Yah Right Lisa,
    He was as vulnerable as Bambi in the meadow, totally clueless.
    I am sure Macho Mesa will deny it.

  22. mesablue said


    I saw the guy, there are a few pictures of me flipping him off.

  23. Lisa said

    You didn’t seem the “clueless” type.

  24. Michael said

    You didn’t seem the “clueless” type.

    Huh. That’s news to me.

  25. Yeah michael, I am his guest blogger.

    That leaves at least a little room for negotiation on that subject.

  26. Lisa said

    Ok guys…I was being nice to the Host!
    Is that donuts in the bag in picture 4?

  27. Joe said

    More likely croissants, Mesa looks like the fancy type.

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