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Kama Sutra positions for internet writers losers

Posted by mesablue on May 13, 2007

Disappointing Bear:

When all normal methods of meeting women prove fruitless, the man crafts a bear suit and attends a furry convention. He hopes to find a decent looking frog to make out with, but is willing to settle for anything that’s female at this point. As the others point and laugh at his poorly constructed costume, the man hangs his head and weeps.

Many more here.

Not to be confused with this.

Update: Heh, RG points out the obvious, which I completely missed — obviously.

What you can’t see is the clarinet in the bear’s right hand.


10 Responses to “Kama Sutra positions for internet writers losers”

  1. I Am Blog said

    wickedly funny! 🙂

  2. The guy with the sock on his hand is holding a clarinet in his other hand.

  3. PattyAnn said

    RG, you could only know that if you were there.

  4. skinbad said

    He needs to get a hernia check from a nurse. SCORE! Funny stuff.

  5. Make peace, not war!

  6. Rasta guy said

    You guys must be on some really really good joint right now…

  7. lol i love the bear suit w/ the sock…so ghetto


  8. Mr. Smalls said

    Regarding small penis sex positions, they have been around for quite a while. Even the Kama Sutra mentions them. Small penis sex positions are basically deep penetration positions.

    They are helpful for men not so endowed.

  9. infirmgurry said

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