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Xenu made me do it

Posted by mesablue on May 14, 2007

Check out BBC reporter John Sweeney completely losing it as he interviews a Scientology official.

Heh. Brainwashing?

Better be careful around those OT level VII’s, John.

At any rate, he’s got the moonbat method of discussion down perfectly.

WP points out that Allah has a lot more.


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More wife beating advice

Posted by mesablue on May 14, 2007

From our extremist Muslim friends.

Just in case there was any confusion from the last time.

Video at MEMRI TV.

“If blood or pus comes from your husbands nose and you lick it up, you still will not have observed all of his rights.”


When will the supporters of women’s rights on the left stand up in outrage against this barbaric behavior?

Not until it furthers their political agenda, which means — never.

At Hot Air.

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Iranian cool

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 14, 2007

Not so hot, but definately awesome girl on girl action.

Found it at publius’s place.

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Must read

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 14, 2007


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