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If I were a prince…

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 16, 2007

bbc news. 

I AM a prince among men, but I’m not actually a, well, you know, prince.  I would be pissed if I were harry.  All the BS aristocracy that is surrounding Harry is keeping him from his only valid purpose.  As the second born he will never be the heir.  Oh, at a time, William might have been killed off randomly while leading the army into battle before he fathered an heir, he might have died of scurvey or the rickets, or a really bad infection brought about by biting off a hangnail, but that doesn’t happen anymore.

William will survive, William will be banging broads from hear to the exact corner of wickedpintoville, and noone will care, and he will father children of his chosen inbread wife, 2 or 3 heads or not, those children will be the heirs of the empire, so there is no reason to take the only opportunity of self identification that harry has chosen for himself.

Supposedly 2 or so months ago harry was pissed when he was first told that he shouldn’t go to war, he mimicked his grandfather who threatened to back out of the marriage, already aranged, to the now queen if he wasn’t allowed to serve during WWII because of the desire to protect the king father whatever those inbread limey bastards call phillip.

Let Harry make his own path, war isn’t safe, and the second sons are always (in fact first sons in recent times, other than the guy who’s teeth don’t like being in his mouth or well brushed having like Charles) in the service.

Let the young man serve, let the young prince serve, let someone dedicated to a cause serve.  It’s his right, it’s his duty, it’s his FRIGGEN JOB!  Don’t devalue the only thing that makes the royal house look good you retards.


One Response to “If I were a prince…”

  1. TXMarko said

    I agree, let him go. I think the actual problem is how to keep the paparrazzi from following his ass everywhere…

    …wait, I may have just solved two problems!

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