Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production

I’m rather new.

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 16, 2007

Those of you who take part in Absolute Moral Authority?

Can I ask? what it is that you like?  _I_ like the Sunday Morning Cartoon, but other than that I really don’t know how I should act, is there something specific that neither I nore Mesa provide?

 I might be able to feed your need, if you haven’t noticed, I generaly act prior to other bloggers (I actually read news sites, and such, and include commentary before linking)  Absolute Moral Authority Readers?

The comments section is open for a reason.  We don’t just want our “friends” to say “good job MESA!” or our friends to say “good job wicked.”

I think that mesa and I are interested in serving our own interests, while simultaneously serving yours.

Lurkers?  Shit on us, as much as you think others praise us.

Trust me, I will speak for mesa here.  We were Marines, and we can take it.  What do you want?  If we don’t like your suggestions we will be honest.  Use the contacts (gmail) or the comments to challenge us, and we will be honest.

Mesa?  Am I wrong?


19 Responses to “I’m rather new.”

  1. Joe said

    I give every new person I meet 100% respect, so WP you are still there. Now, Mesa I give about 50% respect, because he is only respectfull half the time. Frankly Mesa can kiss my ass!

    I never knew the Sunday morning cartoon existed, and I never laid in bed and listened to records. Is that what kids do that grow up in a big city?
    I like Animals, Fish, Beer, My new dog, and Women….(I mean my girlfriend).

  2. Nice Deb said

    I like cats, flowers, and pretty, shiny things.

  3. I like cats, flowers, and pretty, shiny things.

    okay, so according to nice deb, we should ban her.

  4. Prophet said

    Hmmmmmmmmm… I’m from Detroit so I like when local stuff gets put up since we’re sitting on top of the largest Muslim pop. in the country and Detroit, in general, is such a moral wasteland that it could use some Moral Authority. I think Mesa got his best traffic when he went to Dearborn and took pictures in relation to a news story to see if it was legit. And I like your rants WP, they amuse me. Hope that helps some.

  5. Nice Deb said

    okay, so according to nice deb, we should ban her.

    It was the part about the cats, wasn’t it.

  6. Nice Deb said

    Sorry, I couldn’t get the blockquote thingy to work. Next time I’ll just put the quotes on myself.

    If there is a next time.

  7. I don’t know nice deb, I lost track at the shiny things part.

  8. PattyAnn said

    So long as the background doesn’t go all 70s, I like anything. Well, except plaid.

  9. “Well, except plaid.”

    Or paisley.

  10. ginghem? (spelling?)

  11. Lisa said

    I also like local news, word of the day and history questions.
    As for your comment… “I think that mesa and I are interested in serving our own interests, while simultaneously serving yours” well, ok if you say so.

    This blog is a B+ (and I am not talking about bra size)

  12. If you were saying bra size, what would that be?

  13. I just wanna be sure of my metrics is all.

  14. Dave in Texas said

    I don’t like mushy brocolli.

  15. Lisa said

    WP…nothing less than a C+

  16. Frankly said

    I’m glad you now have an Official outlet, WP. You’re entertaining. I notice that I need to check back more often – content has picked up a lot.

    I too liked the local/Muslim angle from Mesa (I’m not local, but am interested). Maybe you could cover some local (Chi town is it?) craziness. To me, you guys seem to have your shit pretty much together as it stands.

  17. forged rite said

    I like the sunday morning cartoon. I also like WWll stuff, but that probably wouldn’t make for good blog material.

  18. Forged,

    Well, WWII stuff doesn’t exactly mesh well with tits jokes, but since we both wore the real blue sometimes it WWII references kick in.

  19. […] I call you that you don’t like Mesa?   🙂  said that if I reference the joke, I should REFERENCE the […]

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