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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 17, 2007

If you don’t know what “Jammy’s with feet are” then well, THESE are jammy’s with feet, so are these.

I will say that anyone who sends me a picture, and a description of themselves wearing JWF’s will be published in a batch posting by either me or mesa by the end of June at the latest.    If there is a deluge of JWF images and anectdotes by our readership (yeah I mean you joe)  then it might occur sooner.

I remember my jammy’s with feet (I don’t have any pictures of them) so I figure I would offer this service to you our readership (yes you joe) by immortalizing your image as a child (or adult, whatever floats your boat, yes I mean you joe) wearing JWF’s.

Just email the pic, and the story, and I will post it.

(this should be filed under promises that need never be made.)

Update: oh, I forgot that my gmail wasn’t automaticaly listed.  just wickedpinto@gmail.com

It’s really complicated.

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What a load of crap!

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 17, 2007

Wolfowitz resigns,

Why the hell would he do that?  I guess this whole “leaving on good terms” thing, but there were NO GOOD TERMS!  This was a hit-job by one more corrupt organization that goes out of it’s way to destroy people who aren’t as corrupt as they are.

Wolf should have manned up, and forced the bank to “make their case” and fire him.  I’m pissed at The President of The United States of America for not forcing a vote on the second (15th) resolution allowing the US to legaly wage war in Iraq.  You can’t count your friends, if you don’t make them take a stand.

Jesus, this “diplomatic” withdrawl crap is just plain crap.  The next reform minded president of the world bank will recieve the same treatment, because wolf didn’t stand up.  Wolf sold out himself, and his girlfriend with this retarded move.

People?  You are filthy rich, you have nothing to lose, and a whole crapload to gain.

 Update:  Curses!  I forgot to route via insty, who had the pointer to the article.  sorry about that.

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There always has to be a first time….Once

Posted by mesablue on May 17, 2007

Off to the gym and then out to watch the Bulls game — in Detroit.

Don’t trash the place.

Go Bulls!!!

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Ding Ding Ding!

Posted by mesablue on May 17, 2007

We’re currently at 975 comments since this stupid little blog started in mid-December.

Who wants to be #1,000?

Special prizes await*.

Also, just a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who visits here. A lot of people are coming in the front door now, not just from links on other sites.

I sure don’t promise qaulity, but we’ll try to keep up with qauntity in our crappy posts.

Also, the Wickedpinto experiment seems to be working out. I personally expected a little more crazee, but his posting is actually kind of good.

Should he stay?

Or should we kick him to the curb like the rough cur that he is?

*unless it’s on the Ron Paul post below — that’s just a social experiment in asshatery.

Update: The Ace linky on the Bruce Campbell post is gonna put us over 35,000 hits. WP, this is how you linkwhore. God loves an Ace-o-lanche — he told me so.

Ding Ding Ding! (again)

We have a winner!

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Bruce Campbell is….

Posted by mesablue on May 17, 2007

Hungry like the wolf!


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Thousands of naked women

Posted by mesablue on May 17, 2007

Are not usually a bad thing…

Except when they are a bunch of PETA goofballs. Way to take a great concept and completely ruin it.

And, who wants to see a bunch of naked, smelly, hippie guys? They could do a lot to further their cause if they would tell the guys to stay home.

Wouldn’t it be fun to let a couple of bulls loose a few of days early this year?

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Ron Paul is a crazy nutbag.

Posted by mesablue on May 17, 2007

He and Ward Churchill are the love twins from Satan and Hitler’s secret trist at Kehlstein.

Teh Deb fits in there somewhere, I just don’t want to imagine how. Heh, I love posting that link just to see the ‘404’ error. Buh-bye.

Dean Barnett has this to say:

My real reason for forgoing a serious piece on Ron Paul is anyone outside his adoring lunatic fringe who heard of him before last month knows he’s bonkers. Strict constructionism and original intent are fine things, but shoving every problem and every issue through the Founder’s Intent meat-grinder is lunacy.

99% of the people who know the real Ron Paul story agree that he’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. While it’s true that I am not a particularly busy man, I would denigrate my own worth if I actually devoted my time to educating the other 1%.

Have at it crazees.

Via Beth. *ducking*

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Remember, he IS a leftist

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 17, 2007

I think that the man is fascinating, I think he is brilliantly educated, I think he has the nuts of a messiah in his prophetic ego in the expansion of atheism.  But he is a leftist.

He’s NOT a “reformed” trotskyite, he’s still a trotskyite, he’s not a neo-con, he is still an active communist.  Christopher Hitchens is still a raving, hating leftist.  He might support my opinion when it comes to war, and to faith in general, but his views are so resoundingly egotistical that even my crazy ass can’t say “I trust christopher hitchens.”

Let me close with this, read his articles, listen to his speeches, and then, read some of my more crazy screeds.  No difference, only he’s a drunk millionair, and I’m a drinking *mrfph*onaire.  Isn’t lefist agipropt a GREAT careerchoice?

edit:  I published too soon.  I left off at the “listenen to his speeches, and then,”  I edited in what I meant to say.

addendum: I’m not gonna edit it, but it’s wierd, I only saved and posted one post, but somehow it split, I must have done something, but I’m totaly weirded out right now so I’m not gonna bother.

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