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Bruce Campbell is….

Posted by mesablue on May 17, 2007

Hungry like the wolf!



20 Responses to “Bruce Campbell is….”

  1. Brennan said

    It’s “Hai Karate.” You saw the original commercials the same time I did…you ought to remember. Geeky guy splashes it on and gets the girl? I mean, come on, that’s *us*, dude! Except for the getting the girl part..

  2. skinbad said

    Subtle! They need to paint a few veins on that can of body spray.

  3. mesablue said

    Brennan, what makes you think that I’m old enough to remember that?

    Oh right, I am. The funny thing is, my dad used to slop on gallons of that crap and thought he was cool. My mom finally had to tell him to tone it down a bit.

  4. GrumpyUnk said

    I love it. Bruce Campbell is to crazy cool as Chuck Norris is to roundhouse kicks.

  5. […] Bruce Campbell is…. Hungry like the wolf! [YouTube] Experience. […]

  6. Did this get WordPresses top blog of the day?


  7. Delerium said

    haha. Yes.

  8. PattyAnn said

    Bruce Campbell? I remember reading all the Ken Holt mystery books from the 40s-50s.
    Oh, you mean the younger Bruce Campbell.

  9. Brian said

    … A stallion. He singlehandedly saved Spiderman 3 from being 100% crap.

    @Skinbad: LOL! Exactly!

  10. Wow! Campbell’s getting old. Shit! I am too.

  11. macgyversrollofducttape said

    Bruce needs to get back into shape. A zombie breakout would do wonders for his love handles, not to mention his boomstick carrying arm.

  12. Enas Yorl said

    Bruce isn’t getting any younger. I say we recruit and mold the next “Bruce” – Gunther.

  13. mesablue said


    Say it isn’t so.

    I’ve been auditioning for the role.

    And, yes WP, once in a while it’s fun to hit the WordPress “Top Blogs” list.

    I choose those moments carefully.

  14. mesablue said


    I got spam bucketed on my own blog.

  15. anyone else notice that ahoy body spray looks like a syphilitic dick?

    I’m just saying.

  16. pohlse said

    HA! That is great! I love Campbell.

  17. Bruce Campbell is always a hit, such a crooner, so “Groovy” as he might say.


  18. Brightshadows said

    God, I love Bruce. Half the reason I saw the Spider-man movies was to see his hilarious cameos.

  19. ducatimonster said

    yew yew

  20. modu said

    Bruce rules . . .

    . . . but this is straaaaaaaange!

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