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Ding Ding Ding!

Posted by mesablue on May 17, 2007

We’re currently at 975 comments since this stupid little blog started in mid-December.

Who wants to be #1,000?

Special prizes await*.

Also, just a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who visits here. A lot of people are coming in the front door now, not just from links on other sites.

I sure don’t promise qaulity, but we’ll try to keep up with qauntity in our crappy posts.

Also, the Wickedpinto experiment seems to be working out. I personally expected a little more crazee, but his posting is actually kind of good.

Should he stay?

Or should we kick him to the curb like the rough cur that he is?

*unless it’s on the Ron Paul post below — that’s just a social experiment in asshatery.

Update: The Ace linky on the Bruce Campbell post is gonna put us over 35,000 hits. WP, this is how you linkwhore. God loves an Ace-o-lanche — he told me so.

Ding Ding Ding! (again)

We have a winner!


9 Responses to “Ding Ding Ding!”

  1. I think you guys complement each other.

  2. mesablue said

    Wow. I really don’t know how to take that.

  3. PattyAnn said

    Ooooooh. I will definitely try to be #1,000.
    I know just what prize I want.

  4. Frankly said

    I’m glad he didn’t say compliment – that would be gay.

    A “you’re welcome” and a “thank you” back at ya. You two are entertaining and informative (not going to say who is who), and deserve the attention. With the bump in content quantity, I need to get back more often.

  5. Joe said

    Like two peas in a pod.

  6. yeah, I understand m. that’d freak me too.

    want a hug?

  7. I can’t see the comment count, but I think when I signed on, the total hits was at about 21K and the unique hits was at about 18.5.

    Now it’s at 35 total, and just under 23 unique, (not counting myself or mesa I believe) so thats pretty cool. I don’t know why, watching that stuff grow just interests the hell out of me, like a ball of yarn, or beggin strips.

  8. mesablue said

    Or snausages.

  9. ooooooooh, Snausages.

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