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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 17, 2007

If you don’t know what “Jammy’s with feet are” then well, THESE are jammy’s with feet, so are these.

I will say that anyone who sends me a picture, and a description of themselves wearing JWF’s will be published in a batch posting by either me or mesa by the end of June at the latest.    If there is a deluge of JWF images and anectdotes by our readership (yeah I mean you joe)  then it might occur sooner.

I remember my jammy’s with feet (I don’t have any pictures of them) so I figure I would offer this service to you our readership (yes you joe) by immortalizing your image as a child (or adult, whatever floats your boat, yes I mean you joe) wearing JWF’s.

Just email the pic, and the story, and I will post it.

(this should be filed under promises that need never be made.)

Update: oh, I forgot that my gmail wasn’t automaticaly listed.  just wickedpinto@gmail.com

It’s really complicated.


29 Responses to “JWF”

  1. forged rite said

    I remember wearing jammy’s with feet at my grandma’s house. The only thing i didn’t like about them was they had thin rubber soles on the bottom of the foot and i couldn’t slide across the kitchen floor like i wanted to. Other than that, they were pretty comfy.

  2. mesablue said


    I invented JWF.

    I did. Go back through that thread. It’s one of my proudest accomplishments.

    Credit where credit is due, dude.

    I thought we were friends.

  3. I mentioned first, you just created the acronymn, _I_ inspired the adoration for jwf.

  4. mesablue said

    No doubt.

  5. YOU created the acronymn, _I_ inspired the discussion.

    Let’s compromise mesa, and by compromise, I mean “tell the story”

    I mentioned that I had pajama’s with feet, and then I retold the story from the beginning of “city of angels” and then you created “JWF” abbreviation.

    I inspired, you created.

    Fair boss?

  6. We are co-equal creators.

  7. mesablue said

    No need to call me boss.

    I am no one’s boss.

    I like it that way.

    Too many years of being called “sir”.

  8. I thought you were enlisted.

  9. mesablue said


    We had a few conversations about my zero status.

    Check your email.

  10. mesablue said


  11. Best not remembered Mesa. 🙂

  12. Charging up mesa, can you hold about 5?

  13. Frankly said

    You two are kinda cute when you bicker. For fags.

    I’m sure I had JsWF way back when. Of course, we were pretty poor, so by the time they got handed down to me, my fat toes were most likely poking through the tattered feet.
    Funny how that works out – I was a fat baby & toddler, but as a teen and now adult, I’m so skinny I have to run around in the shower to get wet.

  14. mesablue said


    I got the mental image from your comment.

    You can stop sending me pictures of you in the shower.

  15. Joe said

    I hope Frankly is a woman, I pictured a cute little girl.

    JWF, I wore them but I don’t know If I have any pictures.
    besides, I am not fool enough to send you guys a picture of me.

    We’ll see, could be funny.

  16. mesablue said

    I know what you look like.

    No need to scare anyone else.

  17. Jenny said

    WP and Mesa,
    I didn’t know you guys were gay….I always thought you were straight.
    But then again, it doesn’t matter. I still enjoy your blog.

  18. mesablue said

    There’s nothing gay about me.

  19. jenny said

    Nothing gay? Right!
    You want pictures of men in JWF for your own pleasure.
    Uh, that is totally Gay!

  20. Lisa said

    I totally agree. Sounds a little perverted to me.

    “…anyone who sends me a picture, and a description of themselves wearing JWF’s will be published”

    Yeh, published in their own personal scrapbook they keep under their bed.

  21. mesablue said

    I can’t be held accountable for WP’s weird fetishes.

    I can’t even keep track of them all.

  22. Dave in Texas said

    I inspired this whole thing you two homos and you both know it!

    Not that I’m proud of it or nuthin.

  23. Lisa said

    And to add…
    WP, you’ve got Joe tearing his house apart looking for a picture of him in his PJ’s!

  24. Frankly said

    Nope, Joe – full on hetero male. Notice how Mesa didn’t want any more shower pics? (maybe he thought I was just a butt-ugly chick)

  25. Joe said

    Frankly made Joe laugh.

  26. John Galt said

    Pruebando….un dos tres….

  27. cranky said

    You dudes are incredible. If you aren’t link whoring you’re creating a gay fantasy web site. JWF? I mean really, what is that code for?

  28. It’s an infantilization of self.

    I thought that the underlying, semi-joke was apparent.

    Still, I think it’s kinda funny.

  29. has anyone seen grumpy? he vanished the day after I asked Mesa to blogroll him.

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