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Remember, he IS a leftist

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 17, 2007

I think that the man is fascinating, I think he is brilliantly educated, I think he has the nuts of a messiah in his prophetic ego in the expansion of atheism.  But he is a leftist.

He’s NOT a “reformed” trotskyite, he’s still a trotskyite, he’s not a neo-con, he is still an active communist.  Christopher Hitchens is still a raving, hating leftist.  He might support my opinion when it comes to war, and to faith in general, but his views are so resoundingly egotistical that even my crazy ass can’t say “I trust christopher hitchens.”

Let me close with this, read his articles, listen to his speeches, and then, read some of my more crazy screeds.  No difference, only he’s a drunk millionair, and I’m a drinking *mrfph*onaire.  Isn’t lefist agipropt a GREAT careerchoice?

edit:  I published too soon.  I left off at the “listenen to his speeches, and then,”  I edited in what I meant to say.

addendum: I’m not gonna edit it, but it’s wierd, I only saved and posted one post, but somehow it split, I must have done something, but I’m totaly weirded out right now so I’m not gonna bother.


4 Responses to “Remember, he IS a leftist”

  1. mesablue said


  2. Nice Deb said

    I got an Error message when I clicked on the comment box on the previous post.

    Ya know, “The Hitch” seems determined to have EVERYONE hate him.

    My favorite part of the debate comes right after he says “You took up all my time when you were asking your long, rather unlettered question.”

    Hannitty’s facial expression after he said that is priceless.

    I like Sean Hannitty, by the way. I just wish he had responded better to Hitchens’ repeated assertions that he was asked on the show to discuss something in a way that Hannitty was saying he shouldn’t discuss it, and somehow that wasn’t fair. But he was asked on the show to discuss what he had already written. And he came off looking like a complete douchbag.

  3. mesablue said

    Deb, you probably got caught up in the nuking.

  4. yep, you’re just a rewrite away from the big time. Usually makes all the difference.

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