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Ron Paul is a crazy nutbag.

Posted by mesablue on May 17, 2007

He and Ward Churchill are the love twins from Satan and Hitler’s secret trist at Kehlstein.

Teh Deb fits in there somewhere, I just don’t want to imagine how. Heh, I love posting that link just to see the ‘404’ error. Buh-bye.

Dean Barnett has this to say:

My real reason for forgoing a serious piece on Ron Paul is anyone outside his adoring lunatic fringe who heard of him before last month knows he’s bonkers. Strict constructionism and original intent are fine things, but shoving every problem and every issue through the Founder’s Intent meat-grinder is lunacy.

99% of the people who know the real Ron Paul story agree that he’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. While it’s true that I am not a particularly busy man, I would denigrate my own worth if I actually devoted my time to educating the other 1%.

Have at it crazees.

Via Beth. *ducking*


2 Responses to “Ron Paul is a crazy nutbag.”

  1. Korey Kaczynski said

    It’s funny how we can associate anyone we don’t like with “Satan and Hitler.” At the top of the political game, are we? Next thing we’ll know you’ll be a pundit on Fox News 😉

  2. mesablue said

    You figured me out — that’s my dream.

    I left out the Unabomber, what was I thinking?

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