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Armed Forces Day

Posted by mesablue on May 19, 2007

Cox and Forkum


8 Responses to “Armed Forces Day”

  1. I meant to put something like this together yesterday afternoon, but I don’t like ganking from cox and forkum. I would have just had some bland stream of conc ass kissing to the servicemembers with a link that noone would have followed.

    You did better by not saying a damn thing.

    I’m still trying to get a hold on this whole self editing thing. It’s a bitch.

    Good on them, good on us, good for all, more to come fella’s, it might not seem like much but it’s what we can give right now and you deserve it.

  2. Frankly said

    I never pass up an opportunity to thank a member of our nations’s military to say “thanks.” If I haven’t said it to you two already – then, well, thanks for your service to our country. And every other active duty/vet that reads this.

    I’m a Navy brat, & have lived most of my life in the city that hosts the worlds largest Naval base, so I’ve had the pleasure of saying thanks more than the average Joe, and I’m grateful for that.

  3. Random trivia question.

    What branch of service is the servicemember that the little boy is saluting, and why do you say that that little boy is saluting someone of that branch? There are actually 3 answers, but each of them has a distinct reason. There are distinct uniform reg’s for each branch, and that image created a very good emalgum of the 3 branches that wear “Cammy’s”

  4. Joe said

    Army Air Cavalry, looks like a horse w/ black slash.

  5. mesablue said

    Check the way the sleeve is rolled, Joe.

  6. Joe said

    Ah ha, no strap, Not Army or Marines, Air Force.
    What about the patch?

  7. Joe said

    Special Forces?

  8. all answers are correct.

    The sleave rolls show Marines/navy corpsman.
    The shoulder patch shows army
    and the breast patch show’s AF.

    The question was less about what branch, but more about WHY you thought it was that branch. Cox and forkum appear to have created a complete emalgum, which is part of why they rock.

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