Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production


Posted by Wickedpinto on May 20, 2007

Thanks to frankly. 

This is a rather difficult game time waster, but it’s definately entertaining, and the casual looks are hilarious.

Is that korean? the language that the instructions are printed in?

Update:  Apparently Frankley’s mother reads this blog, so, good lady Frankley?  Frankley DOES NOT! enjoy fart jokes as much as he seems to.  (does that fix everything frankley?)


8 Responses to “FARTIN AWESOME!!!”

  1. speaking of farting.

    I ate 3 very dense pastrami and sauer kraut sammiches yesterday.

  2. Frankly said

    Very sad that I find this so funny. And to think I turn 40 tomorrow – Mom would be so proud.
    The reaction when you get caught is simply priceless.

    Wish I could understood the language – did you notice the word that pops up after an extra long one?

  3. I wasn’t very good at it frankly.

  4. heheh

    “wasn’t very good at it frankly”
    how about
    “frankly I wasn’t very good”
    how about
    “being good, frankly, wasn’t what happened”


    okay lame jokes.

  5. Frankly said

    One of the few times you weren’t long-winded.

    Now that, frankly, was a lame joke.

  6. PattyAnn said

    WP, my 8YO grandson says thank you. That he loves this game.

  7. thank frankly pattyann. It was his tip.

  8. PattyAnn said

    Oh. Sorry. Thanks frankly. I didn’t know you were taking tips.
    Ashton thanks frankly, although he’s upset he couldn’t enter his name for high score. he tried but it didn’t “take”.

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