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Let’s hope not

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 20, 2007

But if it’s true, lets change the ROE again.  The problem with the war in Iraq, is that we are treating our military like police, giving them ROE that are only usefull within a CIVILIZED society.  If this is true, lets change them so that we can wreck holey terror among the servants of ALLAH!

 I know thats extreme, but it’s a snap judgement.  I do believe that most muslims are honest people trying to live an honest life, but they abett evil F*cks and are no better than those who they assist.  Make them choose our side, because we are that much more efficient in our method of killing, rather than siding with cowards who only exist because of their cowardice.

2 Responses to “Let’s hope not”

  1. It is troubling to see us try to fight a kinder gentler war that only ends up making our troops easier targets for terrorists.

  2. michael said

    I heard this weekend that the Iraq war is going to cost us $1 trillion before we conclude.

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