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My first E-mail in

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 20, 2007

A commenter (I keep it silent until you say it’s cool) includes this link and he’s right, there is a bizzare action by people who aren’t white who use race at their every action to push their own failures.

Yes, George is hispanic, he’s also mostly right in many of his depictions, at least in his show, but he mostly sucked.  What is the major portion of his performance that made him get removed?  That he has a somewhat “righty” aspect (responsible parenting) or that he sucked (not at all funny, I did watch a few episodes, and trust me, not at all funny) or that he was hispanic, (something that I don’t give a flying Eff about) 


Let me think.

Hrm, I think. . . . 

Wait!  I need to think some more.


George Lopez was canceled because. . .

he was someone who SUCKED and happened to be hispanic, hispanic is an additionalal unrelated qualifier, but the reason he was canceled is cuz he sucked.

Was Black Donnely’s anti-irish? was “the apprentice” (a crappy show from day one) canceled cuz trump was white? was “studio sixty” canceled cuz it was too secular (there is actually truth to this, cuz “studio sixty” wasn’t “too secular” it was too “ANTI” which always pisses a person off.  Why was “conviction” the 4th law and order spinoff killed? because there were too many blacks, or mexicans?  I don’t know why “conviction” was killed, it was actually a damn fine show.

But everyone who can bitch about those shows I mentioned weren’t anything less than pristine and perfect white.  George, who has voice very concervative views, when it hits his pocketbook?  OH! THEN it’s racism.

George?  you make powers of 10 more money than I do, and I’m white, as are most of the other informed, and active poor.

Sorry that YOU! don’t get your extra 20 million, because your show sucked, while I’m paying to watch it.

There are degree’s sir, and you have forgotten them.

Update:  The “commenter” was Frankley, I just wanted to make sure that he didn’t mind being a part of my occasional crazy.


One Response to “My first E-mail in”

  1. Frankly said

    Personally, I’m surprised it took 5 years to cancel the lame show. He had a few good gags, but I think he used them up in the first season. The only redeeming value I can recall the show having was his daughter (a real cutie).
    Don’t feel sorry for him, either – he’ll get plenty more pesos from the syndication deals.

    Oh – it’s OK to use my name any time you use a tip (I probably could’ve used the anonymity on the fart game, though).

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