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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 20, 2007

Grinding” as it is depicted is CLEARLY dance related.

why is it that only the beta male recognizes that?  If a guy walks up to a woman and rubs his genitals on a woman’s ass, while ordering a dring, it’s clearly something else.  On the dance floor it’s completely different.

 I have had sex on the dance floor, not rubbing until I got off, but 100% complete and total true penetrative, nude sex on the dance floor of “club miami” while in acapulco with a senior chief (yes she was a female)  I have had women, while I’m with other women, throw their asses in front of me, and grind on my junk, like most men.

To quote a very pleasent Acapulco club (andromeda’s) “dancing is making love to music” and that is not an exclusively latin mindset.  My virgin okinawan girlfriend lost her virginity at a nightclub.  All true.

This Silliness that “grinding” is an “assault” is stupid.  You know what happens when I’m on the floor (which I never approach anymore, I’m too old) I dance, I move, I approach, if there is the slightest rebuff, I move on, and MAYBE come back.

The floor isn’t about sex, but it’s a VERY close approximation.


23 Responses to “Really”

  1. PattyAnn said

    I have heard (through a friend of a friend) there is a private club here in Dallas where free-style dancing (yea, it is what you think it is, I heard) is the lay of the land, so to speak. I have also heard that it is still in existence and they still send out the club newsletters. From a reliable source.

  2. TXMarko said

    Does this mean that, after all these years of being the butt of jokes, the Baptists were RIGHT about Dancing?

  3. Lisa said

    I went to a club w/some guy friends in Mt Clemens and all the girls were grinding on ea. other….and the guys just watched and drooled.
    These girls did it for a show…and believe me, it was one nasty site.

  4. mesablue said


    Does Joe know that you went to a strip club without him again?

  5. Joe said

    I think I was there, I will have to introduce you guys to them.

  6. mesablue said

    The strippers?

    Thanks, but I already know a few.

  7. Lisa said


    Thanks…now he knows.

  8. mesablue said

    So, where does Joe think he was?

  9. Lisa said

    You know Joe, he has so many woman hanging around him…he gets us all mixed up.

  10. mesablue said

    Well, the other night he was dressed like Little Lord Fauntleroy, no women then.

  11. Lisa said

    It must have been a “boys night out.”

  12. Joe said

    It was not a STRIP club, it was a club.
    Which by the way is my nickname and the name of Lisa’s boat.

    Those “ladies” must have been trying to get my attention?

    Mesa, Little Lord Fauntleroy was my nickname in highschool…because of my lux hair!

    Gentlemen in Michigan refer to stripclubs as the Ballet.

  13. Lisa said

    “Club”…I mean Joe,
    Sorry to inform you but those women were not “Ladies” at all. And, they WERE trying to get your attention especially when they pushed their B cups up against you for a “grinding hug” the same way Wicked had those women doing the nasty w/ his junk.

  14. mesablue said


    You had hair?

    I need to find this “club” where chicks will even grind on Joe for free.

  15. Lisa said

    These girls would dig you, your tattoo’s, and your life experiences!

  16. Name Withheld said

    I hate to admit it but I too had sex at a club with a guy on a crowded dance floor and nobody knew it. We were not naked though.

  17. mesablue said

    What is the name of it? If it’s in Mt. Clemens, there are only about six bars in that town and in most of them you are lucky if the women have teeth let alone boobs they don’t have to tuck into their pants.

  18. mesablue said

    Name Withheld,


  19. Joe said

    I am sure Name Withheld meant you Mesa.

    Yes I had hair then..lux hair, then I flew too close to the sun.
    The name of the club is Desperados, it is a country bar w/ a Mechanical bull and two stepping.

    Lisa that is the reason for the quotes around “ladies”.

    Mesa has tatoos?

  20. Lisa said

    They were also grinding on the bull.
    And these “chicks” weren’t in their 20’s. Next time you can go.

  21. Lisa said


  22. mesablue said

    Country bar…..never.

  23. I love “RL” (I hate that half assed language) “in” jokes.

    You guys kill me.

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