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Sunday Morning Cartoon

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 20, 2007

NOT saturday morning Crackhead.  Really, sometimes, criminy, you just can’t work with some people.

Although, I told him what this SMC was gonna be so I don’t blame him.

Here is He-man, a “must see” for little kids of that age, even though it was so grotesquely homo-erotic that right now my testicles are ascending.

and since I missed the SMC last week I will double up with She-ra.  Which is also homo-erotic, but only in a hot way.

Why is there all of this indoctrination when we were kids.  He man was about as gay as you get, She-ra was about as hot as you get, for both men and women.

Never really got too entrapted in these shows, but I did have a he-man or two action figures, none of which were he-man, cuz even at age 8 or so, I knew I wasn’t gay, and I knew he-man was.

Update: I just remembered the He-man action figure I had.  Man-e-Faces.  I liked the mechanics of it.  other than that?  I was waiting for skeletor to suck he-mans soul.  He-man might have been manly, but adam was straight up closet.

Notice:  Next weeks Sunday Morning Cartoon, isn’t going to be a cartoon, but it might as well be.  I think it should be a relatively easy guess.

Additional Notice:  I didn’t know how to “bump” so I cheated, and I whiped, and recreated.  Just sayin.

Update:  My comments about homo-eroticism, and I only just realized that the image captured for the He-man embedd consists of a close up on skeletors junk.


5 Responses to “Sunday Morning Cartoon”

  1. there should be an SMC category Sir.

  2. mesablue said

    The catagory thingy is farked up. They are looking into it. Anyway, it’s more of a tag thing. If you place it under ‘cool’ and ‘video’ more folks will find it when searching technorati or WordPress.

  3. thanks.

  4. ChenZhen said

    I always thought skeletor was pretty darn cool.

  5. forged rite said

    Yep. Skeletor is a great character. And He-Man might have escaped the gay label (maybe) if he had a tuff haircut instead of that dutch boy cut, or whatever it’s called.

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