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True Story about Gays in the Military.

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 21, 2007

This was some time ago while I was still in.

I was at best a mediocre servicemember for my first 18 or so months.  (it took me that long at least to learn how to be a good marine)  I WAS court-martialed, I did lose rank twice, I DID spend time in the brigg.    Also, within 6 months I DID recieve The Navy Marine Corps Achievement medal, I DID win Marine of the quarter boards (twice) and I won, as everyone in my unit knew the Meritorious corporal board DAYS after my 1 year anniversary of court-martial, and I was vetoed by my commander, (a man I really don’t like who is now in a very prominent position) and I requested mast, and I won the next meritorious corporal board, and the following NCO of the quater board at group level.

Summary, while there is a lot of stuff I did wrong while I was in, there were times when I did everything right.

That said, at a time when I was somewhat “untouchable” because as court-martialed “‘bird” who was a meritorious corporal with a NAM and who backed down the “group” (actually batallion) commander with a request mast request, everyone saw me as more than a little bit of a loose cannon (which in some ways I was, but I always hit my target, I was just a “mobile” cannon)  I was about to get out of the service.

But there are rules, I had to go through my gas chamber only weeks before I got out of the service, and everyone who worked with me liked me, I was a rather popular guy actually.  I was joking with one of the several lat grunts who moved into my approximate MOS (2800) and we started to laugh about his story’s of cruelty to his fellow servicemembers (the open pack of cigarettes that are exposed to the CS of the gas chamber, if you don’t know the joke, I will explain it sometime)  and I never heard of that gig before and I thought it was hilarious, so I did it right then and there, and I said something like “as soon as (friends name) ask’s for a smoke, I will so want to kiss you.!”

Of course I was just being a jackass, but this one particular staff sergeant turned around and tried to hardass us with “don’t ask don’t tell.” thinking he got the best of us.  Really how stupid do you have to be as an 04 thinking you can EVER outwit a 28?  Not to mention he was retiring in the next week or two with 21 years of service, as a FRIGGEN STAFF SERGEANT!!!  (thats significant, you have to SUCK to retire after 20 as a STAFF SERGEANT!!!  I had a court-martial, and if I had stayed, I would have been a sergeant in 5, a staff in 10 maybe 11, but I would have held there, I MIGHT have made Gunny, but even if I did, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere after gunny, thats just how the politics of service works)

 I got pissed, and I grabbed one of the many female marines who loved me (as a guy, not as a lover) and I said something like “She rocks! but I’d rather a FAG in my fighting hole than a female!”  I then pointed at one of the junior officers and I made a point of saying that I dragged a female officer to the front of the formation from a “hump.”  And how no self respecting man fucker would tolerate such humiliation.

“you like fags?”

the piece of shit SSgt said, and there was damn near a mutiny, and I just laughed and said, “I will see you retire ‘sarge’ (in the Marines, calling none e-4’s “sarge” is an insult, in fact it’s an insult to e-4 sergeants)

Anyways, my only opposition to homosexuals in the military, is that they will likely become a victim class.

I don’t oppose women in the military, I know some DAMN FINE Marines who had tits and pooters, but in general they aren’t required to be Marines.

I knew, in fact, anyone who has servied in oki, “The apple house” is a common location for gay servicemembers (mostly army, oddly enough) filled with very hard working and dedicated homosexuals who only want to serve, and occasionaly engage in the lifestyle they have chosen or has been chosen for them.

Gay’s are not evil, I don’t get their sexual mindset, and it gives me more than a little bit of the squirms, but gay’s are, in general, more qualified for the service than the women we have in the service.

No offense to the women who ARE qualified, but while I have no animosity to the women who aren’t fit, clearly the politicians have nothing but patronymic derision for your ability’s.

Also, I’m not gay, I have too many friends who are gay for me to think that their existence is evil, they are still my friends.


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