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Friday night fights

Posted by mesablue on May 25, 2007

Who wins a fight between a herd of water cape buffalo, a pride of lions and a crocodile?

It’s kinda long but worth sticking around until the end.

h/t CAD Daddy at AoS


6 Responses to “Friday night fights”

  1. Joe said

    life is a bitch!
    Those are Cape Buffallo (Africa), Water Buffallo reside in Asia.

    Is there a spell check somewhere?

  2. mesablue said

    You know way too much about buffalo.

    But, my spelling is fine. Way to look like a goofball while trying to correct me.

  3. Joe, I’m the one with lousy spelling.

  4. thing is I don’t care.

  5. Cybrludite said

    Those Cape Buffs are quite possibly the most dangerous game on the planet. ‘Bout the onely thing I’d want to hunt them with is a 120mm smoothbore. Mainly because I’d already be inside the tank when the damn thing gets shot.

  6. Joe said

    I meant MY spelling.

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