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Thanks Nancy!

Posted by mesablue on May 25, 2007

How’s that 100 hours days years thing going?

Let’s check.

Of the twenty six bills that have made it out of the Pelosi/Reid congress to the president’s desk:

6 Named Post Offices
3 Named Courthouses
2 Named Federal Buildings
2 Named Roads
5 Extended Existing Laws
8 Were backed by the GOP with no opposition

Even the troop funding bill passed with mostly GOP support.

So, half of all the legislation that Nancy and friends have passed is to name something after one of their own. Five more don’t really even count. And the rest would have probably happened in some form anyway.

Guess we can see where their priorities lie.

Great work! Let’s see if you can work on that 29% approval rating.

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8 Responses to “Thanks Nancy!”

  1. Justin said

    tell me again what is shrubs rating??

  2. Taylor said

    Five months and no veto-proof majority to undo 6+ years of dragging the constitution through the mud.

    Yeah. I think I’ll give them another 100 days before I start whining.

  3. tell me again what is shrubs rating??

    oddly enough justin, it’s approximately that of congress’s. and since the dem’s took hold, it has been DROPPING! not climbing.

    The disinterested “moderates”/”independants” are learning that they made a faustian agreement with the dem’s. Absent a travesty in the primary’s the dem’s don’t stand a chance, and while the house might stay dem, I will wager the senate moves again.

  4. Bookmark it!

  5. geoff said

    Five months and no veto-proof majority to undo 6+ years of dragging the constitution through the mud.

    …and on how many pieces of legislation has the veto been used? Oh yeah, the one where the Democrats were grandstanding. And Pelosi’s breach of the Executive Branch’s authority in conducting foreign policy has done more damage to the Constitution than all of Bush’s supposed crimes.

    Thanks, Nancy!

  6. Geoff? I don’t know who’s a lawyer and who’s not, I most definately am not, I’m not even a highschool grad (though I do have some college credits) Is it even CONSTITUTIONALY legal for the legislature to make the demands that the dems made?

    I may not have read the various case studies that lawyers have, but I have read the constitution, several times, and it looks like EVEN OFFERING that restrictive bill up for a vote, as it was worded anyways, is NOT constitutional.

  7. geoff said

    I don’t think that the bill itself violated the Constitution, in that Congress was not telling Bush to end the war. They were just telling him that he wouldn’t have any money to spend on it. It was unrealistic, unpatriotic, and immoral, but I don’t think it was unConstitutional.

  8. Justin said

    One: this is NOT a war as a majority vote of the congress has not lead anyone to declare war. The vote to authorize the military action in Iraq was NOT a declaration of war!

    Two: the congress, as verified by the chief justice, to cut off funding for ANY military action. Thus forcing the commander in chief to bring the troops out of the area of the world they are thus fighting in. Proof is the vote to force Clinton’s to do so and proof is in the Vietnam conflict.

    Funny how the GOP did the very same thing to Clinton and now you wish to bad mouth the Democrat’s.

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