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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 27, 2007

So in the chicago area, the cicada’s have been going crazy for the last few days, luckily in my Indiana burb we don’t have to deal with that crap, but it covers the news waves at all times, when they surface, I think the last time I had to deal with this (other than okinawa in 1997, which is more than a little different) in the chicago area was in 93, maybe 94, I can’t remember exactly, cuz like I said, my burb don’t get them.

I decided to look into it anyways, and the first time I searched at yahoo, I found cicada recipes as the top post, then I found other things, but I think that “cicada recipe’s” really took the cake.

My only other experience with cicada’s made me almost visceraly terrified of the insectile flying terrorists, cuz in oki, and in asia in general the insects have NO respect, like they do here in the US.   Still, “cicada recipe’s” makes me think, I should never eat at that persons house.


2 Responses to “Cicada’s”

  1. forged rite said

    How about that? Just found out those things i’ve called a locust my whole life are actually cicada’s and locusts are actually grasshoppers. When we were kids, we would tie a string around the body of the cicada’s (leaving the wings free) and watch them fly around while we held onto it.

  2. Like I said forged, other than oki, I never had to deal with them. I am not sure, but judging by the pic’s illinois cicada’s are MUCH smaller than okinawan terrorist cicada’s, well, maybe not terrorist cicada’s, but they are definately a revolutionary group.

    I think I saw a “buggin with ruud” episode, and he showed NZ cicada’s (I think it was new Zealand) and they rival the oki cicada’s. I tell you, you can’t trust the eastern hemisphere with their insects, their insects do NOT assimilate.

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