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Hog wild

Posted by mesablue on May 28, 2007

A guy is upset because his home went into foreclosure.

So, what does he do?

Police: Man used pigs to trash house

EAGLE CREEK, Ore., May 28 Police were looking for an Oregon man who allegedly locked three pigs in his home hoping they would trash it after the house went into foreclosure.

Detective Jim Strovink of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said Shane Lovett of Eagle Creek had been distraught about the foreclosure and joked to neighbors he had locked the pigs in his home more than a week ago without any food or water, KGW-TV in Portland, Ore., reported Monday.

Deputies responded to a neighbor’s complaint about the pigs and found the inside and outside of the house had been trashed. Thomas Getten, an animal rescue expert, said the pigs were dehydrated but otherwise healthy after he coaxed them outside.


13 Responses to “Hog wild”

  1. albert said

    what a laughable website.

  2. Ours or the link albert?

  3. T.Paine said

    As an Oregonian, I must say that I am appalled at the negative attention this delinquent has brought upon my fine state. Either that, or I’m frackin jealous I didn’t think of it first.

  4. A brilliant idea. That will teach that bank! lol.

  5. Joe said

    A brick house is the only place the pigs would be safe from wolves.
    Smart Man.

  6. Jerry said

    Pigs are usually pretty clean. But a hungry pig, now that’s a different story. They will eat anything that’s not tied down. That house must’ve been trashed thoroughly.

  7. Had an uncle who backed out of a boar hunting trip (bow) and when he heard about HOW you hunt boars with a bow, he came to the conclusion that it was something he didn’t want to do.

    I’ve read about pistol hunting boars, which just seems kinda crazy to me, but I at least say this, they are hunting aggressive creatures with small arms. . . .that takes BALLS, and is more than a little nuts.

  8. albert said

    Sorry it took so long for me to answer, Wickedpinto. I was referring to this website.

  9. Well, you came back didn’t you?

  10. albert said

    No, not really.

  11. mesablue said

    At least we post more than once a month.

  12. albert said

    Quality, not quantity.

  13. mesablue said

    Correction. More than once every three months.

    That standard of quality is amazing. Glad it works for you.

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