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Holy moly!

Posted by mesablue on May 28, 2007

The Rosie O’Donut post got linked by Instapundit!

Two days ago Wickedpinto calls him a goober — then we get linked.


12 Responses to “Holy moly!”

  1. Heh.

    It was all in the plan.
    1) call insty goober
    3) get lanche’d.

  2. I forgot to implement phase II.

    Rupert Murdoch is a goober.

  3. geoff said

    I wondered what was going on with you guys, since you were #2 and I was #3 in fastest growing blogs at one point. I got linked by Ace, which has given me 600+ hits I would never have otherwise seen (and probably never will again).

    Congrats – an Instalanche is an impressive thing.

  4. The hits are cool and all, seeing as how in the last serveral hours we have gotten almost 1/5th our total hits from the lanche, but I’m more of an interactive guy.

    I like lively comments, thats why I comment so much, it’s fun, this is fun, but still it would be nice to . . . well, you know, “talk” to the people who like what is happening here.

    Attention whore? Yeah, so what?

  5. geoff said

    I agree – that’s why Michael’s always bragging on the comments-to-hits ratio at IB. And deservedly so.

  6. YubYub.

  7. However, on another note geoff, I do like the content flow that is happening here. Mesa is much better educated than I, and he’s feeding me the smart pills, and I’m loading him up with tard, so we are a good mix I think.

    I like the constant flow that happens here for real content, just like I like the constant assault we launch on eachother at the hostages blog, and how I like deb getting all persnickety (whatever the hell that is)

    Different flavors for different meals.

  8. What are the odds we hit 60K total, and 40k unique by the end of the day.

    It’s unstoppable, like insty warming.

  9. More than 20K in 2 days total, and about 12K in uniques?

    EFF AN A MESA!!!

  10. T.Paine said

    You have arrived, congrats!

  11. pattyann said

    “It was all in the plan.
    1) call insty goober
    3) get lancheā€™d.”

    Wickedpinto, you are full of **it.
    EVERYBODY knows it’s all because I said Insty was “Hawt”.

  12. goober said

    boy all this talk about me is pretty exciting! keep it up!
    where is this blog coming from?

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