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How does he find this stuff?

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 29, 2007

Purple Avenger, finds a completely dork way of talking about boobs.  Really, I understand the basics, I think we all do, but there was someone who had a “study” and has gotten a “patent”  HOW IN THE HELL DO I GET THAT JOB!!!!!!

 Update:  I don’t know if you guys know this, cuz I’m all about boobs, and am currently working on an ASS based derivative of this original study, and a patent based on that study.   any women with great asses, please contact me.   Wickedpinto@gmail.com.


4 Responses to “How does he find this stuff?”

  1. pattyann said

    wp, Purple’s amazing. He found my breast avatar (that is not my beast) within the first hour it was uploaded.
    I think he has a sixth sense about that kind of thing.

  2. PA is a genius, I will say that, he is either a genius, or a savant, either way, he knows shit that none of us ever will.

  3. and he is able to put it in context!!!! Thats even more difficult!

  4. He found my breast avatar (that is not my beast)

    “that is not my beast?” is that a freudian slip? did you just say you got gazonga’s?

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