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A Celebrity article

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 30, 2007

Written about lindsey and brittany via Perez authored by Patti Davis, who is able to do the only thing that Patti knows how to do.  Be the daughter of some famous people and suck at her chosen proffession.  Note that in the subscript of her “article” it states “Davis, the daughter of Nancy and Ronald Reagan, is a writer based in Los Angeles.”

It’s more important that she is a famous daughter than that she is a writer, which explains while her attempt at dramatic prose falls so flat.  Granted, the underlying theme of her collumn is valid, but really, how many paragraphs are dedicated to the story, and how many to Patti?

Now listen, I’m not saying I’m better (I’m at least an equal) but I’m “a bored lunatic, who is allowed to post on the web,” not “a writer based in Los Angeles.”  I tell the truth of my idiocy, meanwhile Patti sticks with what she does best.


8 Responses to “A Celebrity article”

  1. pattyann said

    I think Patti was the original “I will whore myself and use my famous family name to make a name and money for mysel” Paris.

    (WP, If I should do anything to make anyone angry today, it’s all NiceDeb’s fault, okay?)

  2. okay……?

  3. nicedeb said

    She aint pinning that on me, oh no sir.

  4. nicedeb said

    I had nothin’ to do with it.

  5. damewiggy said

    ‘I’m a bored lunatic, who is allowed to post on the web,” not “a writer based in Los Angeles.’

    Now that really cracked me up. A big ol’ thanks for that.

    p.s. Davis is a shameless whore.


  6. Nice Deb said

    By the way, WP, you may be a lunatic, but you’re no idiot.

  7. Thanks deb.

  8. You’re welcome dame.

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