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Absolutely touching

Posted by mesablue on May 30, 2007

The young widow of a USMC Lance Corporal, who was recently killed in action, is enlisting in the Army to be a combat medic.

A combat medic held the hand of her husband as he died. She wants to be able to offer the same kind of support to our soldiers and Marines in their time of need.

A Special Soldier Remembered On Memorial Day By His Wife

One year ago Melissa and Edward Garvin of Malden were celebrating their wedding. They had culminated their relationship that started in second grade and eventually led to the altar on May 26, 2006. The wedding was held with the knowledge that Marine Lance Corporal Garvin would be deploying shortly after he said “I do” to his longtime sweetheart. The fact that something could happen to her husband never entered the thought process for, at the time, 19-year old Melissa.

“Never”, said Melissa Garvin. “I knew he was leaving in September but you still never think that anything will happen to him. Last year I was extremely happy and this year definitely not.”

The unthinkable happened on October 4 2006. Lance Corporal Edward Garvin was killed in the Anbar Province of Iraq while on combat operations. . It brought an end to a life that had promise. He was special according to Melissa Garvin in personality and what he wanted to accomplish.

The death of a soldier would hit any family member hard. Age and experience mean nothing when trying to cope. Sometimes in life death is expected because of illness. It does not make things easier but that scenario allows for preparation. A death in combat offers no warning. It comes knocking at the door with immediacy. And the immediacy hits hard. It hit hard for Melissa Garvin.

“It was surreal”, she says. “It was all a blur. It was like watching a movie and sometimes it does not seem real. You sort of expect him to come through the door. But you know he is not going to. It is definitely not easy.”

“It may sound strange”, she says “but the strength comes from being together with him since second grade. He still pushes me to keep going. I know for him I need to keep going. I want to make sure that he is always remembered and it is what makes me keep going every single day.”

Melissa Garvin’s immediate future involves giving back. Her late husband was a Boy Scout and worked for the Boy Scouts before he became a marine. She ran a fundraiser recently for the T.L. Storer Scout Camp in Barnstead, New Hampshire and started a scholarship which will send 11 kids to the camp. She is also headed to the camp June 16th to redo the camp using the money she raised.

After that there will not be much time until July 11th. It is a date that is significant because she leaves for basic training. Melissa has joined the army. If you are asking why you are not alone. She says everyone asks. Her reasons for enlisting of course do have something to do with what happened in October but not in the way you might imagine.

“I did it for many reasons,” she says. “One is because what helps me is knowing my husband did not suffer after talking to the medic that actually worked on him. I wanted to be able to do the same thing for other people. If I could go over there, which is my goal to go to Iraq, and I could help one family member not feel the pain I feel every day it will be worth it.”

This story is about Melissa and Edward Garvin. It is symbolic however of many families in the United States on Memorial Day 2007. It is meant to call attention to our fallen heroes on a day when millions are at a barbecue, on a golf course, and contemplating several great months of pleasure. The reason we can do what we want to do is because of the sacrifices these “Heroes” are making.


Godspeed, Melissa Garvin.

Video at CNN via Hot Air.


11 Responses to “Absolutely touching”

  1. nicedeb said


  2. T.Paine said

    Damn, you’re making me tear up at work. Most excellent.

  3. pattyann said

    I am humbled at the honor she’s showing her husband.

  4. John said

    Wow. I too am humbled by this woman’s example. The bond she shared with her late husband must have been something very special.

  5. unknown said

    It upsets me to know that Edward will never know his son, Brent. And his wife refuses to acknowledge that Eddys son exists. His son is now 2 and 1/2 years old and he will never be able to know his father. It is a shame that a boy has to grow up without his father, and because of Eddys wife of 3 months, he will never be recognized or honored for his fathers amazing courage and bravery. Brent’s family will keep Eddys memory and make sure he knows all about his fathers life. Eddys family is also involved in Brents life, they have many stories to tell and they will be part of his life forever. Eddy was an amazing person, he will never be forgotten. He leaves behind an amazing son that is already so much like him. Eddy would be so proud.

  6. Amen Unknown,

    I’m known for telling inappropriate stories, but I developed some time ago an understanding that it is the folktale method that keeps memories alive.

    I’m not important enough to speak in a profound way, because all of the people I care about are still alive (or at least most of them) so I practice the telling of personal story’s in a small and farcical manor.

    I will and do keep learning as much as I can about those I care about so that no matter the moment, I can still know them. I might be a buffoon, and I might be overly expressive, but I swear to you MOST of my storytelling is based on the humanist concept of Orson Scott Card.

    I don’t care if someone else hurts, I want to tell an honest and fair story. Thats why I’m so loopy.

    I wish I had known edward, so that I could actually speak of it honestly, and faithfully, so that everyone knew it.

    I’m sorry this looks egocentric, but it isn’t THAT bad, I hope.

  7. Anonymous said

    This article sickens me. As “heartbreaking” as this story is, there are always two sides to every story. Unfortunately, we will never hear Edwards side of the story. However, I am truely saddened by the fact that Eddy’s only son is ignored in all of this. He may only be two but he is missing Edward just as much. Edward’s story and memory should not be all about his wife. Edward has a loving family as well, a mother, brother, sister, niece, nephew and of course his son, who are all forgotten when any “news” is released. I am just highly disappointed that none of the newspapers or channels have ever included any of these people’s opinions, thoughts, or stories including Edward’s life and memory. I don’t want to sound rude, because obviously Edwards wife was a huge part of his life. But unfortunately anyone and everyone else that was a part of his life is never mentioned especially his son. I’m am sorry for anyone who feels the pain of losing Edward. My prayers are always with you.

  8. mesablue said

    The article didn’t mention a child. If she is leaving him behind that certainly puts a different perspective on things.

    Thanks for your comment.

  9. Unknown said

    SHE is not leaving a child. THE CHILD IS NOT HERS! NOR WILL HE EVER BE A PART OF HER LIFE. She treated EDWARDS SON as if he did not exist. She treated EDWARDS SON’S MOTHER as if she did not exist. She is going off to war for stupid reasons. She and Eddy signed up together when he enlisted. He told her that he didnt want her in the military, she thinks now that he has passed he is going to like it any better? I dont think so.

    Eddy’s son, Brent is an amazing child, he is like his daddy in every way. She will never know how amazing it feels to have a part of Eddy smiling back at her.

  10. Unknown said



  11. Concerned American said

    Melissa has since left the Army and has a nursing job with Hospice, also, she has found love in another army man who is now in Iraq. I remember the story of the brave widow planning to be in Iraq by January. I dont see that happening if she has yet to train for combat. Funny how things work out and how many lies are spread. She claimed to never love another man and Edward was the only one for her, but one year after Edwards death, and she is in love and no longer in the Military. Hmm…interesting update on a “honorable woman”.

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