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Hillarry 2008

Posted by mesablue on May 31, 2007

Allah found this at Free Republic


6 Responses to “Hillarry 2008”

  1. I see nothing wrong.

  2. Listening to a replay of Dennis Miller’s radio show. “Hillary we get it, you lived the life, you just didn’t go out and earn it.”

    Ain’t that a rather precise description of her political accomplishments?

  3. mesablue said

    I love Dennnis now. Used to be I couldn’t stand the smarmy little goofball. His radio show is great, though.

  4. In small bits, he comes off as one more comedian producing canned material performing to a small audience. But his radio show still has that, but it’s done knowing he will have to validate exactly what he says when called on it, and he’s doing a very good job of it I think.

    What sucks is he’s really only visited by a few b level pundits, and a fair few c. He needs a steyn or someone who can play off him and create a big conversation, but he’s too new right now.

  5. carin said

    I’ve always like Dennis Miller. I thought he was awesome on Monday Night Football (not being a fan, it made it a bit more interesting.) His radio show is on late here (starts at 6 pm), but I like to listen while I make dinner.

  6. p said

    dennis miller is a cunt. he wants to fuck that tranny ann coulter

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