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The first time in history that…

Posted by mesablue on May 25, 2007


Heh, her head writer was caught defacing pictures of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.


From Grouchy Old Cripple.

Update: She gone.

Rosie won’t be back on ‘The View’

NEW YORK – Rosie O’Donnell has fought her last fight at `The View.’ ABC said Friday she won’t be back on the show following her angry confrontation with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Wednesday.

O’Donnell asked for, and received, an early exit from her contract. She was due to leave “The View” in mid-June.

What will Allah write about now?

A big welcome to Instapundit readers!

Thanks for the link, Glenn.


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Great with sushi

Posted by mesablue on May 25, 2007

Cucumber Pepsi

Via Fark

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I are gradumacating

Posted by mesablue on May 25, 2007

Or not.

Seniors at a Fort Worth high school who failed their assessment tests are not being allowed to walk with the rest of their graduating class.

Their response:

“Let are kids walk”


FW students protest TAKS decision

FORT WORTH — Students who had been planning to walk across the stage at graduation ceremonies this weekend were instead walking a picket line Thursday morning.

The Trimble Tech High School seniors marched in front of Fort Worth Independent School District headquarters to protest Wednesday’s decision by trustees to bar students who failed the TAKS test from commencement exercises.

About a dozen young people, carrying signs and chanting, began picketing at 8:30 a.m. Thursday. They represent the 613 Fort Worth seniors who did not pass the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills exam.

For eddiebear:

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Posted by mesablue on May 24, 2007

Some guy tried to carry 700 snakes onto a plane.

Cairo Customs Prevents Snakes on a Plane

CAIRO, Egypt — Customs officers at Cairo’s airport on Thursday detained a man bound for Saudi Arabia who was trying to smuggle 700 live snakes on a plane, airport authorities said.

The officers were stunned when a passenger, identified as Yahia Rahim Tulba, after being asked to open his carryon bag, told them it contained live snakes.

Tulba opened his bag to show the snakes to the police and asked the officers, who held a safe distance, not to come close. Among the various snakes, hidden in small cloth sacks, were two poisonous cobras.

The Egyptian said he had hoped to sell the snakes in Saudi Arabia. Police confiscated the snakes and turned Tulba over to the prosecutor’s office, accusing him of violating export laws and endangering the lives of other passengers.

According to the customs officials, Tulba claimed the snakes are wanted by Saudis who display them in glass jars in shops, keep them as pets or sell them to research centers.

The value of the snakes was not immediately known.

700 motha f-ing snakes!

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Thursday Must View video

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 24, 2007

I think this is hilarious.  Personly I think that the best television right now is commercials, and here you have a parody of a friggen commercial, depicting a commentary of commercials.

So anyways, I give you the commentary for the  Slowsky’s.

I love the slowsky’s

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Gotta agree with allah

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 24, 2007

I did laugh too, I don’t think it’s cuz hillary is a good actress, I think it’s because that ad allowed hillary to be hillary.

See politicians?  If you are human, not acting human al gore, you are doomed to eternity, if you are human and allow yourself to be human, you might get some possitive press, or possitve reviews from an unemployed mostly drunken buffon, but hey, baby steps.

No really, I really did like it, watch the vid, I especially liked how she seemed to actually be grooving to the song.  I’ve gotten laid just cuz I could “feel” a song, and getting laid obviously requires more thought than being president, look at what we got, and even worse, look at what we could have had.

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Can’t wait for the commentary

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 23, 2007

Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter had the kid, it’s a boy.

Good for her, but we know what the headlines are gonna be for the next week, I can’t wait.  Actually I can, I would like to wait for the rest of this young manchilds life, but I don’t believe there is anything about basic human decency in the media’s ethical code.

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Aww crap!

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 23, 2007

I’m sure most everyone already knows.  Allah’s got details that makes it look like the missing soldiers have been killed and dumped in the euphrates. 

Two of the body’s had indications of torture.  Like actual torture.

This stuff just sucks.

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I don’t know who invented it…

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 22, 2007

but it had to be a man. 

 Apparently Lybrel is a new oral contraceptive, you know other than the old oral contraceptive that men have been trying to sell women on for years, and still doesn’t top the market unfortunately.

 In addition to being a new oral contraceptive it also reduces the instance of menstruation, sometimes completely.  Now I know lady’s you are thinking “this is a miracle drug,”  some guys might disagree.

 While it appears that we can no longer use the excuse of “she’s on the rag” which is to the benefit of women all over the world (except most islamic nations where, really it doesn’t matter, you will just be beaten with 11 guage wire anyways) it still doesn’t teach you how to cook, or not scream at the sight of mice, or wake up your hubby or boyfriend when you see a spider.

 Other than that, it’s one of the best inventions ever.

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Did we say the most ethical ever?

Posted by mesablue on May 22, 2007

We meant, the most nutbag crazy — ever.

Gotta hand it to the Dems. Not only have they not kept a single promise that they made in the mid-terms, they are cranking the unethical and the crazy up to new levels.

Most recently John (I’ll take the money — later/ABSCAM) Murtha threatened a Republican House member — on the floor.

From Hot Air:

Powerful Democrat Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania threatened to deny any further spending projects to a Republican who challenged him over an earmark, his antagonist [Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) has charged — a potential violation of House rules…

Rogers turned the tables later that night by saying he would propose a reprimand of Murtha for violating House rules…

According to the draft resolution, Murtha shouted at Rogers on the House floor Thursday afternoon for offering a motion last week to expose $23 million Murtha requested in an intelligence bill.

The Pennsylvania Democrat requested the money to prevent the administration from shuttering the National Drug Intelligence Center in Johnstown, Pa. — which sits in Murtha’s district.

“I hope you don’t have any earmarks in the defense appropriations bills because they are gone and you will not get any earmarks now and forever,” Murtha told Rogers on the House floor, according to the draft transcript supplied to The Politico.

“This is not the way we do things here — and is that supposed to make me afraid of you?” Rogers replied.

“That’s the way I do it,” Murtha said.

This week the Dem’s, who if you remember, promised the most ethical congress “ever” — voted not to reprimand Murtha for obviously violating House rules.

AP via Hot Air:

WASHINGTON – House Democrats rejected a Republican bid Tuesday to reprimand Rep. John Murtha, a senior lawmaker accused of threatening legislative reprisals against a GOP member who had crossed him.

Before and after the largely party-line vote, which caused some Democrats discomfort, Republicans taunted Democratic leaders about their campaign promises to run a more ethical and open Congress.

The House voted 219-189 to kill the Republicans’ motion to reprimand Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, Iraq war foe and close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Two Democrats — Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and Jim Cooper of Tennessee — voted against killing the motion. One Republican — Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania — voted for the motion to table, or kill, the proposed reprimand.

Murtha, known for his bluff manner and fondness of pork barrel projects, did not dispute claims that he charged across the House floor May 17 to confront Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich. Rogers had tried unsuccessfully to strike a $23 million Murtha earmark — a targeted spending item — for a drug intelligence center in Murtha’s district.

Let’s see, we’ve got a Dem congressman caught with $90,000.00 in bribe sting money in his freezer — nothing happens to him. Pelosi gets the minimum wage increased everywhere except a little island that her contibutors have a big stake in. Feinstein’s husband is tied to more defense spending than we’ve ever seen. An judge impeached for bribery (by congress) who later runs for congress as a Dem, of course, is almost given the chairmanship of an incredibly important intelligence committee. Earmark spending is at unbelievable levels. Murtha’s been a scumbag forever.

Oh, and the Dem’s violated a bunch of rules by taking spring break junkets to exotic beaches on military jets — at $10,000.00 an hour– without including Republicans. Not saying Rebublicans should have gone, they wouldn’t have, members of congress are not allowed to authorize the use of government equipment or funds for trips without making them bi-partisan. A major ethical violation.

The list goes on.

Will anything be done about this?

Not with the inmates running the asylum.

I’d forgotten how absolutely bugshit crazy the Dems can be when they are in power.

Good thing it won’t last very long. They lost the last time when the American people finally said, “enough is enough.”

It’s amazing that the Dem’s could get so many people thinking that way so soon after taking back the reigns of power.

Same idiots. Different year.

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Stupid criminal…

Posted by mesablue on May 22, 2007

Dead criminal.

More news from close to home.

A punk and his buddies tried to carjack a 53 year old man in Detroit. They pulled an unloaded gun on the wrong guy.

Man with unloaded gun killed by victim

A robbery and crime spree aided by an unloaded gun came to a halt late Thursday when the gunman met more than his match: a gun with bullets.

Charles Parker Jr., 18, of Detroit was killed when a 53-year-old man pulled out a 9mm handgun and shot the teen, who was armed with an unloaded .22-caliber handgun.

Detroit police are calling it self-defense.

The botched carjacking on Grand River and Prevost came after a string of robberies in Detroit on Thursday, which police said were committed by Parker and four others, ranging in age from 16 to 20.

The robberies began about 8:40 p.m. Thursday at Kentucky and Curtis when a 16-year-old was robbed of his cell phone, a silver chain and his wallet, by at least two of the suspects, police said.

At 9:30 p.m., the robbers attempted to carjack a couple in the driveway of their home in the 19600 block of Appoline, police said. One pointed the unloaded gun at the couple and pulled the trigger.

The teens fled without the car.

Later, police said, the robbers saw a man at a Detroit car wash and tried to carjack him. The one approached with the unloaded gun and the other wielded a baseball bat, police said.

That’s when the man washing his car fired, striking Parker.

Parker’s alleged accomplices took him to Sinai-Grace Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

After the shooting, police questioned the 53-year-old man and released him, noting that he had a valid concealed weapons permit.

Then they gave him back his gun.

It’s worth noting that this was reported in the Free Press which is Detroit’s ultra-liberal counterpart to the more conservative Detroit News. Nary a gun grabbing gibe or blame for the gun toting victim in sight.

Good deal.

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Code monkey

Posted by mesablue on May 22, 2007

I am in the computer biz, but I am NOT a coder. Thank God. I couldn’t imagine it.

I know there are a lot of you out there and — good for you. I’m sure it can be very rewarding to come up with something elegant in it’s simplicity and portability. It’s just not for me.

I suffer through scripting and I used to have to write network batch files back in ancient times so I commiserate.

So, out of respect for all of the hard working Code Monkeys out there:

Code Monkey think, maybe manager wanna write goddam login page himself!


I don’t play World of Warcraft either. I have a life.

h/t Asher, sort of.

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My favorite comment ever.

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 22, 2007

“frankly make joe laugh.”

I don’t know why, thats just funny.

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The number is low.

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 22, 2007

200 marines volunteer to extend.

I don’t have first hand knowledge of the men serving now, but I think that that number is that number because that was a unit in whole, rather than the thousands who push for continued service.  The individuals who volunteer is MUCH MUCH MUCH larger I would guess.  I volunteered for every mobilization and I was a pogue, and many of those in my platoon, not to mention those grunts I knew who to a one volunteered.

You join, you serve, and everyone wants to do their job, whether it is a pleasent job or not.  as a whole branch the number I bet is damn near 100%.

update:  and really?  is there a better job on the planet?

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True Story about Gays in the Military.

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 21, 2007

This was some time ago while I was still in.

I was at best a mediocre servicemember for my first 18 or so months.  (it took me that long at least to learn how to be a good marine)  I WAS court-martialed, I did lose rank twice, I DID spend time in the brigg.    Also, within 6 months I DID recieve The Navy Marine Corps Achievement medal, I DID win Marine of the quarter boards (twice) and I won, as everyone in my unit knew the Meritorious corporal board DAYS after my 1 year anniversary of court-martial, and I was vetoed by my commander, (a man I really don’t like who is now in a very prominent position) and I requested mast, and I won the next meritorious corporal board, and the following NCO of the quater board at group level.

Summary, while there is a lot of stuff I did wrong while I was in, there were times when I did everything right.

That said, at a time when I was somewhat “untouchable” because as court-martialed “‘bird” who was a meritorious corporal with a NAM and who backed down the “group” (actually batallion) commander with a request mast request, everyone saw me as more than a little bit of a loose cannon (which in some ways I was, but I always hit my target, I was just a “mobile” cannon)  I was about to get out of the service.

But there are rules, I had to go through my gas chamber only weeks before I got out of the service, and everyone who worked with me liked me, I was a rather popular guy actually.  I was joking with one of the several lat grunts who moved into my approximate MOS (2800) and we started to laugh about his story’s of cruelty to his fellow servicemembers (the open pack of cigarettes that are exposed to the CS of the gas chamber, if you don’t know the joke, I will explain it sometime)  and I never heard of that gig before and I thought it was hilarious, so I did it right then and there, and I said something like “as soon as (friends name) ask’s for a smoke, I will so want to kiss you.!”

Of course I was just being a jackass, but this one particular staff sergeant turned around and tried to hardass us with “don’t ask don’t tell.” thinking he got the best of us.  Really how stupid do you have to be as an 04 thinking you can EVER outwit a 28?  Not to mention he was retiring in the next week or two with 21 years of service, as a FRIGGEN STAFF SERGEANT!!!  (thats significant, you have to SUCK to retire after 20 as a STAFF SERGEANT!!!  I had a court-martial, and if I had stayed, I would have been a sergeant in 5, a staff in 10 maybe 11, but I would have held there, I MIGHT have made Gunny, but even if I did, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere after gunny, thats just how the politics of service works)

 I got pissed, and I grabbed one of the many female marines who loved me (as a guy, not as a lover) and I said something like “She rocks! but I’d rather a FAG in my fighting hole than a female!”  I then pointed at one of the junior officers and I made a point of saying that I dragged a female officer to the front of the formation from a “hump.”  And how no self respecting man fucker would tolerate such humiliation.

“you like fags?”

the piece of shit SSgt said, and there was damn near a mutiny, and I just laughed and said, “I will see you retire ‘sarge’ (in the Marines, calling none e-4’s “sarge” is an insult, in fact it’s an insult to e-4 sergeants)

Anyways, my only opposition to homosexuals in the military, is that they will likely become a victim class.

I don’t oppose women in the military, I know some DAMN FINE Marines who had tits and pooters, but in general they aren’t required to be Marines.

I knew, in fact, anyone who has servied in oki, “The apple house” is a common location for gay servicemembers (mostly army, oddly enough) filled with very hard working and dedicated homosexuals who only want to serve, and occasionaly engage in the lifestyle they have chosen or has been chosen for them.

Gay’s are not evil, I don’t get their sexual mindset, and it gives me more than a little bit of the squirms, but gay’s are, in general, more qualified for the service than the women we have in the service.

No offense to the women who ARE qualified, but while I have no animosity to the women who aren’t fit, clearly the politicians have nothing but patronymic derision for your ability’s.

Also, I’m not gay, I have too many friends who are gay for me to think that their existence is evil, they are still my friends.

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Let’s hope not

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 20, 2007

But if it’s true, lets change the ROE again.  The problem with the war in Iraq, is that we are treating our military like police, giving them ROE that are only usefull within a CIVILIZED society.  If this is true, lets change them so that we can wreck holey terror among the servants of ALLAH!

 I know thats extreme, but it’s a snap judgement.  I do believe that most muslims are honest people trying to live an honest life, but they abett evil F*cks and are no better than those who they assist.  Make them choose our side, because we are that much more efficient in our method of killing, rather than siding with cowards who only exist because of their cowardice.

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Moonbat smart

Posted by mesablue on May 20, 2007

Thomas Sowell has a great article about the “superior” intellect of the average leftie intellectual.

Left-wingers presume to have superior knowledge

Radically different conclusions about a range of issues have been common for centuries. Many have tried to explain these differences by differences in conflicting economic interests. Others, like John Maynard Keynes, have argued that ideas — even intellectually discredited ideas that political leaders still believe in — trump economic interests.

If you start from a belief that the most knowledgeable person on earth does not have even 1 percent of the total knowledge on earth, that shoots down social engineering, economic central planning, judicial activism and innumerable other ambitious notions favored by the political left.

If no one has even 1 percent of the knowledge available, not counting the vast amounts of knowledge yet to be discovered, the imposition from the top of the notions favored by elites convinced of their own superior knowledge and virtue is a formula for disaster.

Sometimes it is economic disaster, which central planning turned out to be in so many countries around the world that even most governments run by socialists and communists began freeing up their markets by the end of the 20th century.

That is when the economies of China and India, for example, began having rapidly increasing growth rates.

But economic disasters, important as they are, have not been the worst consequences of people with less than one percent of the world’s knowledge superimposing the ideas prevailing in elite circles on those subject to their power — that is, on the people who together have the other 99 percent of knowledge.

But economic disasters, important as they are, have not been the worst consequences of people with less than one percent of the world’s knowledge superimposing the ideas prevailing in elite circles on those subject to their power — that is, on the people who together have the other 99 percent of knowledge.

Millions of human beings died of starvation and diseases related to severe malnutrition, when the economic ideas of Josef Stalin in the Soviet Union and Mao Zedong in China were inflicted on the population living — and dying — under their iron rule.

In both cases, the deaths exceeded the deaths caused by Hitler’s genocide, which was also a consequence of ignorant presumptions by those with totalitarian power.

Many on the left may protest that they do not believe in the ideas or the political systems that prevailed under Adolf Hitler, Stalin or Mao. No doubt that is true.

Yet what the political left, even in democratic countries, share is the notion that knowledgeable and virtuous people like themselves have both a right and a duty to use the power of government to impose their superior knowledge and virtue on others.

If no one has even 1 percent of all the knowledge in a society, then it is crucial that the other 99 percent of knowledge — scattered in tiny and individually unimpressive amounts among the population at large — be allowed the freedom to be used in working out mutual accommodations among the people themselves.

These innumerable mutual interactions are what bring the other 99 percent of knowledge into play — and generate new knowledge.

That is why free markets, judicial restraint, and reliance on decisions and traditions growing out of the experiences of the many — rather than the groupthink of the elite few — are so important.

That is why free markets, judicial restraint, and reliance on decisions and traditions growing out of the experiences of the many — rather than the groupthink of the elite few — are so important.

Elites are all too prone to over-estimate the importance of the fact that they average more knowledge per person than the rest of the population — and under-estimate the fact that their total knowledge is so much less than that of the rest of the population.

Central planning, judicial activism, and the nanny state all presume vastly more knowledge than any elite have ever possessed.

The ignorance of people with Ph.D.s is still ignorance, the prejudices of educated elites are still prejudices, and for those with one percent of a society’s knowledge to be dictating to those with the other 99 percent is still an absurdity.

Heh, I think I went a little beyond “fair use”.

Too many good points to leave any out.

I agree with everything that Mr. Sowell points out in this article, but it brings up an obvious question. How does this play into the mentality of the average modern moonbat? The poor minions of the left who have been spoon fed this pablum since their first day in our superior public edumacational system.

They number in the millions — angry, disaffected, BDS infected, pseudo intellectual moonbots.

Moonbots — the preprogrammed, vicious little attack weasels of the left. They follow the new religion of the Goracle and spew the mantra of those described in the article above. What they lack though, is the intellect to parse any of the ideas or philosophies put forth by their gods of all that is morally superior.

Hate screed, Bush derangement, Godwinesque behavior and frothing at the mouth have become the defacto modus operandi of the new age leftie.

It’s not just limited to the left wing echo chambers anymore, unhinged behavior is sneaking out into our everyday world. In a time where we have so much to rejoice, or at the very least, be as content with life at a level that has been unsurpassed in recent history — near full employment, a strong stock market, a driving economy — the moonbat is miserable.


It can’t all be cognitive dissonance. Or the war in Iraq. Or, even — George W. Bush.

What are these little buggers so upset about?

I have a few ideas, but what I think it really boils down to is — us. The rest of us. The other ninety percent of the population, and yes I’m lumping in a bunch of liberals — the blue dogs, classic liberals, moderates and just about everyone on the right are leading productive and happy lives no matter what Noam Chomsky spews out to his minions.

It drives them nuts to see us happy. What right do we have to enjoy life when puppies are being forced into slave labor in Palestine?


The only solution for them is to blindly follow the mantra created for them by their intellectual superiors — their security blanket of stupid. To boldy follow no matter how bizarre an idea may be. Actually, the crazier the better — you’ve got to create a little distance to really crank up the Absolute Moral Authority.

They are a noisy little bunch. And, after years of crushing defeats, they’ve had a few victories of late. But, are they happy now? Of course not, they’ve just refocused their hatred on their own for not being as dangerously out of touch with reality as they are. It’s touching, really. To see them hold so true to course.

I’ve come to the necessary conclusion that the best method of dealing with the hapless moonbat is to not deal with them at all. They’ll fade away all on their own. Just as nature has it’s cyclical creatures like the cicada who live for years undergound and out of sight before coming out en masse to live their last few moments of life in blazing sunlight in a breeding frenzy without compare, the moonbats will dissapate — eventually. A few will assimilate themselves into normal society. Many, the left over 60’s, original moonbats, will simply die. About 10% will start playing World of Warcraft and never be heard from again. The rest will fade back into the quiet, dark corners of the world that they used to inhabit. Or, they’ll get tenure.

I’ve come to accept that we need the moonbat.

Just not so damned many of them. It’s all the AlGor’s fault for inventing the Intertubes and letting them find each other.

It all makes sense now. The AlGor invented the Internet so he could recruit his acolytes into his new religion of global warminess.

Get along little moonbat.

Update: I found a perfect example of Moonbat Smart here: The Moron Magnet.

This post is Moosetracked at the Bullwinkle Blog

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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 20, 2007

Grinding” as it is depicted is CLEARLY dance related.

why is it that only the beta male recognizes that?  If a guy walks up to a woman and rubs his genitals on a woman’s ass, while ordering a dring, it’s clearly something else.  On the dance floor it’s completely different.

 I have had sex on the dance floor, not rubbing until I got off, but 100% complete and total true penetrative, nude sex on the dance floor of “club miami” while in acapulco with a senior chief (yes she was a female)  I have had women, while I’m with other women, throw their asses in front of me, and grind on my junk, like most men.

To quote a very pleasent Acapulco club (andromeda’s) “dancing is making love to music” and that is not an exclusively latin mindset.  My virgin okinawan girlfriend lost her virginity at a nightclub.  All true.

This Silliness that “grinding” is an “assault” is stupid.  You know what happens when I’m on the floor (which I never approach anymore, I’m too old) I dance, I move, I approach, if there is the slightest rebuff, I move on, and MAYBE come back.

The floor isn’t about sex, but it’s a VERY close approximation.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on May 20, 2007

Thanks to frankly. 

This is a rather difficult game time waster, but it’s definately entertaining, and the casual looks are hilarious.

Is that korean? the language that the instructions are printed in?

Update:  Apparently Frankley’s mother reads this blog, so, good lady Frankley?  Frankley DOES NOT! enjoy fart jokes as much as he seems to.  (does that fix everything frankley?)

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Sunday Morning Cartoon

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 20, 2007

NOT saturday morning Crackhead.  Really, sometimes, criminy, you just can’t work with some people.

Although, I told him what this SMC was gonna be so I don’t blame him.

Here is He-man, a “must see” for little kids of that age, even though it was so grotesquely homo-erotic that right now my testicles are ascending.

and since I missed the SMC last week I will double up with She-ra.  Which is also homo-erotic, but only in a hot way.

Why is there all of this indoctrination when we were kids.  He man was about as gay as you get, She-ra was about as hot as you get, for both men and women.

Never really got too entrapted in these shows, but I did have a he-man or two action figures, none of which were he-man, cuz even at age 8 or so, I knew I wasn’t gay, and I knew he-man was.

Update: I just remembered the He-man action figure I had.  Man-e-Faces.  I liked the mechanics of it.  other than that?  I was waiting for skeletor to suck he-mans soul.  He-man might have been manly, but adam was straight up closet.

Notice:  Next weeks Sunday Morning Cartoon, isn’t going to be a cartoon, but it might as well be.  I think it should be a relatively easy guess.

Additional Notice:  I didn’t know how to “bump” so I cheated, and I whiped, and recreated.  Just sayin.

Update:  My comments about homo-eroticism, and I only just realized that the image captured for the He-man embedd consists of a close up on skeletors junk.

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