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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 30, 2007

I guess Mesa found a way into the dugout on friday.

Thats just funny.

Totaly ganked it from Ace.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 29, 2007

Had a friend who was EOD, he was a moron, but I guess he knew his stuff since he was a rather young gunny.

He basicaly said everything people know about bombs is wrong, almost every modern explosive, requires a det cap, otherwise they might blow up on their own.  Even the amfoll bombs that are the most common form and easiest to create require an initial detonation, like a primer cap or some other highly “volatile” actually “explosive” force to initiate detonation.

 So, if you want to “defuse” a bomb?  remove the caps, and remove the triggers, don’t get dental tools don’t get anything else, just grab the caps and yank those effers out, and run the hell away.  If you can recognize the trigger, grab the trigger and run away.

 Though generaly, the way you handle unexploded ordinance, is to get everyone the hell out of the way, and have someone with a high rifle quall and shoot it with an incendiary round, or you set up a strip of a controlled explosive, and det it from a distance.

Bomb makers aren’t macguyver, they are more like creative dorks.

I believe it, he wasn’t a ninja, but you know he did it.

( I mention macguyver cuz there was an episode where only Macguyver was as qualified as a bomb disposal person as the person who created the bomb, and one of the students of the bomb maker created one of these complicated “vacuum seal” chamber on a destroyer or something like that, where the “student” vaccummed out some purple powder, only to change the balance of the rube goldbergian bomb that he was trying to defuse, when he probably could have just pulled the actual explosive out of the contained chamber, I’m just saying)

Update: CURSES!!  sorry about that, I’m just saying that all of this “Highly sophisticated” stuff we have been hearing about for years is generaly not really highly sophisticated, if it were, the bombers could actually kill someone they were aiming for.   Sorry about that.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 29, 2007

Got the Video Via Allah, All thanks be to Allah.

 Allah looks at the video and see’s an arrogance with his quote, “I like how he cracks himself up with the line about the $50 million he’s saved.”

Well, actually, I see someone who is somewhat smuggly confident about his unwillingness to play the media’s game, by well, manipulating the media’s game.

Another thing I take away from the video is that fred is recieving numerous rapid fire questions and actually answering them.  For me, this says that Fred! is prepared for all the rapid fire question he’s recieved, and the incompetance of the individuals voicing the questions to actually ask about real and currently valid policies that Fred! must address as president.   All of the rapid fires, that Fred! accepted (all of them) and answered he did so in a way that actually made me like him more, and hate the retards who were asking the questions more.

Fred!  I like him, but I still want to know more, but based on this clearly candid vid of reporters asking “the important questions,” means that the reporters don’t know what the “important questions” are.

I really saw nothing wrong with these exchanges, he was in control, he was confindent, he was serious, and he didn’t flag from the challenge.

I don’t know what you have to be thinking to think that this was a clip that bode ill for Fred!

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Another great moment in tolerant “progressive” history.

Posted by mesablue on June 29, 2007

In another example of the “free speech for me, but not for thee” doctrine of the tolerant left, some “progressive” nutball stole the microphone of a Fox News reporter during live coverage of the iPhone release.

Appropriate beat down of gooyf leftie commences. Followed by his arrest.

Nut steals Fox News reporter’s microphone on camera

BDS sufferers can now whine to their shrink about their latest malady — Fox Derangment Syndrome.

Of course, this happens the same week the Pelosi bunch are trying to reanimate the dinosaur known as the Fairness Doctrine.

It’s drives the lefties nuts that America won’t voluntarily get in line to listen to their pablum — the death of Air America, Olby’s incredibly terrible ratings. So, they will try to force it down our throats in the one way they know best — Big Goverment!

Too bad it won’t work.


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Absolute Immoral Authority

Posted by mesablue on June 28, 2007

Since this blog has become a celebrity/bimbo parade in my absence, I thought I’d continue the theme.

Yesterday’s New York Post cover.

C’mon Paris, just drink yourself to death and get it over with.

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Dear Effing God!!!

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 28, 2007

Just plain Dear Effing God!!!

 All praise be to allah

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I will destroy you!!!!

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 28, 2007

of50332442.jpgCuz Wickedpinto is my friend.


update: ” or I will plant my oversized feet up your ass!!!”


Update:  Imagine an extraordinarily brilliant Paris Hilton.  Paris would require about 2k years to accomplish the fear that the littlist physicist offers, and about another 10K to live up to her genius.  If only Paris were the recipient of the littlest physicists oversized foot, or feet.  Other than that, she is the perfect child, cuz she is and will be nothing like Paris Hilton.

Alarm:  No really duck.


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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 28, 2007

Once again Allah be praised.

The IPHONE joke has not, and not likely will get old. I don’t care about the content, I don’t.  That is just FRIGGEN FUNNY!

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THIS I will Research.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 28, 2007

Hitchens is right, Sharpton is wrong.

Not because Hitchens is fundamentaly correct, but he is the only person who is honest in this T-Ball debate with AL FRIGGEN SHARPTON!

I actually envy the faithful, I have none for myself, other than that there are good people who can do things that I’m incapable of, so in that way I disagree with chris.  However, Sharpton?  Is an outright retarded gladhanding grifter.  SCREW HIM!

Video if available to follow.  (I really need to take this whole multi-media thing seriously one day)

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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 28, 2007

I guess he’s a senator or something, but thats not important cuz he can’t stand the amnesty bill, which makes him okay by me on that count. 

The reason I mention him is because I’m listening to the Laura Ingraham show and for the closing softball she asks what the significance of a sort of bracelet that he’s wearing is.

I guess he’s wearing a red pink sorta bangle on his wrist, but what makes him a cool cat in my book is that he answered “It’s a creation of my 5 year old daughter.” and didn’t shut up until the break.   I think that’s endearing.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 27, 2007

I was THIS CLOSE! to sinking myself into almost unredeemable debt, to attend university and become a lawyer, maybe a politician based on Allah’s headline.

Then I find out that MKH isn’t in favor of barely legal, but rather understand the legality’s of how “barely legal” is still “legal.”

Now, all I can hope for is for us to share views on 110% naturals.

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Early clips for larry king live.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 27, 2007

Early Clips? For Larry King Live? how does that work?

I really don’t care about Paris Hilton, but I can’t help but get disgusted by what happens around Paris Hilton. Yes she is a stupid little girl, who acts like a stupid little girl, but it’s the not so stupid retards that have camera’s, magazines and prime time question and answer television shows that deserve to be hated.

To act like they are giving her a medium in which she can represent her self as a possitive force in the culture by doing nothing but the most basicly idiotic of things is a lie. Paris is the victim of a running practical joke, pretty soon Bob Goldthwait will be directing her new Star Vehicle “Windy City That’s Hot.”

Why does anyone pay attention to someone this completely vapid, inarticulate and borderline retarded?

Well, other than me that is, cuz I’m not commenting on her, but society as a whole, which gives me clearance, or something like that.

Update: I’m kinda watching it.  Umm, she’s throwing jargon, “mystery meat” wow that’s fascinating, “jail slop,” GTFOOH!  Now show us the prison tat tramp stamp of a swastika.  I swear I’m dumber already and it’s only been on for seven minutes.

Update: Paris Learned so much, like next time she goes to in and out drunk, she will take a limo, just like the rest of us.

Inclusion:  If you don’t know what “In and Out Burger” (which is what I meant in the previous update) is then I suggest you find a way to the west coast and learn, ROCKS!  A “double double for me please!”

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This stuff bores me,

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 27, 2007

Does that mean that all charges are gone? Or just some of them?

If’ it’s all of them then when are we gonna get the constant coverage of the abuse of power by Ronnie Earl to drum Delay out of office?

Other than that I’m bored, it just feeds my “outrage” which for me looks very much like “rapt interest,” and “so bored I’m scratching my balls with a salad fork.”

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About Ann Coulter

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 26, 2007

Chris Matthews sandbagged her again, like he does EVERY election season.

He invites others to attack ann (who I think is a rotten bitch) but he doesn’t bother to question the people attacking ann.

Example, tonight, he allowed Elizabeth Edwards to talk about reasonable debate not being possible with personal attacks and stuff, but he and every other news media haven’t bothered to discuss Lizzy’s desire to kick a conservative out of his EFFING HOUSE!

Lizzy is TERRIFIED, and can’t face her neighbor, but she can face Ann (who I can’t stand?)

Why you think that is?  OH! maybe thats it, maybe it’s cuz Chris Matthews will stretch a single talking point into an 8 minute segment where he starts to carry a KNOWN BIGOT! against all republicans and gun owner’s water so that Ann looks bad.


I can’t stand ann, but you are a clear political schill.

Update:  I’m occasionaly watching the interview, and I have to say this.  Matthews said “well, we didn’t destroy civilians by entering berlin.”

Ummm, WE didn’t enter berlin, it was the brutal and slaughtering culture of the russians that entered berlin, not the US.  Sorry retard, sometimes history interferes with your retardation, and even worse, your retardation ignores the slaughter of civilians that DID occur when the russians entered berlin, Just saying.


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Mark Levin

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 26, 2007

Really, this guy is a cock.

Not stupid, just a rotten prick, just like Ann Coulter, who isn’t stupid, but IS a rotten bitch, I heard Mark listen to a person who described part the disingenuous nature of the Illegal Imigrant argument in a way that is factual.

“the problem is that those in favor of this bill say all immigrants are mexican, but when questioned about others, are called racists.”

And Mark with his Cockslutbitchy schilly method, ignores the validity of the point.

All illegals are not mexican, and to say so IS racist, or at least race bating.


Why do we have so many smart talented people who are so friggen schilly so that assholes like mark can play tough?

Let me inform you mark, you aren’t. I don’t think there is a male who takes part, or comments on this site that couldn’t devoure your ass in an instant, and many of them are smarter than any of your wannabe arrogance demonstrates.  I don’t care about your degree’s.

Why do we let the coulters and the Levins be quoted in our name?

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This is Weak.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 25, 2007

 A lobbyist need not agree with all of his clients’ positions as a policy matter, any more than a lawyer need agree with all of the postitions his clients take in litigation. But it’s easy to make a lobbyist look bad by associating him with his clients’ causes.

But the rest of it is accurate, the whole “it’s his job it’s his duty” crap is well, crap, but it isn’t as though Fred! was Jack Abrahamoff, or even remotely as successful as Chelsea Clinton as a lobbying consultant, but that defense is just plain weak.

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I got nothing

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 25, 2007

but apparently Ace has the inspiration to create something in the neighborhood of 165 give or take posts today.

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A celebrity link.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 24, 2007

She has great knockers but she’s still a moron.

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Sunday Morning Cartoon

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 24, 2007

This was fascinatingly aweful for me to watch, I used to have most of the first season on my puter before the whole “you are evil if you steal stuff that isn’t available in the open market” travesty that was 2002.

Anyways, I couldn’t stop watching this cartoon which sucked, about a game that I loved, and misrepresented both the game and cartoons in one shot, really.

I give you Dungeons and Dragons, the cartoon.

Something I’ve noticed, almost all of the cartoons I have linked have been pulled from youtube.  None of them are broadcast, and don’t have DVD’s, but hey! the story of M.A.S.K. or She-Rah can’t be shared for some reason.

I guess it’s cuz HB or WB are losing sales thanks to me mentioning their just short of public domain cartoons is a violation of their proffit motive which consists of NOT EARNING A FRIGGEN PROFFIT!!

Criminy, corporations are so stupid sometimes, anyways.

Right now, Ace is spinning in his grave, and the friggen guy ain’t even dead yet, or likely soon, cuz this weeks SMC is “Dungeons and Dragons.”

Update: inspired by Some Guy’s mention of “magic missile” I give you, the dead alewives in vid form.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 23, 2007

Via Allah, (I have typed that so much in the last 2 weeks that I might start accidentaly using it in spoken form) comes this tidbit about Fred!

The Chick’s dig him, which ain’t a bad thing at all, hell they describe Fred! in a way that almost makes ME want to bang him.

Question though.  Look at the lead up to each quote.

The Hollywood actor and former Tennessee senator racked up an impressive list of conquests during his swinging bachelor days in the 1990s

The insinuation is that Fred! was a viking tearing through hollywood and washington, using his crank as a machette in a jungle of pooter.

A less offensive insinuation, but the insult is still there.

  At 24 years his junior, Kehn has been described as a “trophy wife” but the former Republican consultant is as clever as she is vivacious, according to Mosbacher.

Meanwhile Kerry, who had at least the same reputation as Fred! is now credited with, was simply described as “something of a swordsman while he was single,” and such.  Noone really made an issue of Kerry marrying someone a billion dollars his senior, oh, WE *wink wink* knew it, but it wasn’t an “issue.”

Other than that, you got half a dozen ex-girlfriends on your side, when a lot of people in washington aren’t even liked by their spouses *cough*hillary*cough* that can’t be a bad thing.

Edit: How did I over look this one?

Joe Scarborough, a television presenter, was recently pilloried for wondering on air whether Thompson’s wife “works the pole”, although he later claimed that he had been referring jokily to the pole fitness craze rather than to stripping.

Actually, the joke wasn’t about working a stripper pole, I when I saw and heard it, I don’t think joe was talking about strippers, I think he was talking about whore’s who work a pole that isn’t brass (well it might be, but that is some serious kink) he was talking about Jeri Kehns manipulation of “The Pole.”  Anyone who thinks it was a sarcastic joke about “pole dancing” which itself was created for it’s phallic content is lying to themselves and anyone who hears them.  Also, note the use of the word “pilloried.”  I didn’t see joe in stocks, I didn’t see joe suffer, I just saw him get called on his crude comment about a professional woman who happens to be hot, and married to a soon to be President of The United States of America.

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