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Explosive hernia contest

Posted by mesablue on June 1, 2007

Or something.

I have no idea what these people are doing, but it’s entertaining.

It’s labled as the Armageddon 2007 Kamehameha Contest in New Zealand. Whatever that is.

I love the little kid.

The final is here, if you are interested.

4 Responses to “Explosive hernia contest”

  1. Looks like they are re-enacting ken or ryu throwing a fire/waterball from streetfighter 2.

  2. mesablue said

    Supposedly it’s from Dragonball Z.

  3. Yeah, that was the other one I was thinking, but I thought I would kick it old school.

  4. BGG said

    Yep, it’s Dragonball Z. I had those screams coming out of my TV every afternoon for about 3 years and I’m sure glad that’s over! Between that and Pokemon, I can definitely say I hope never again to hear that other signature sound, the grunting, badly constipated sort of “hhhnnnnnggggg!”

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