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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 1, 2007

Well Kinda.

Remember that gigantic pig killed by the kid, and we all thought, “hey, that kid has some nuts taking on a giant pig with a pistol!”

Well it turns out that “monster pig” was actually “fred” the loveable cuddly monster pig, and that kid is just the neighborhood bully who takes joy in slaughtering his neighbors pets!   

Not really, I guess it’s not uncommon to allow harvesting of largely domesticated animals who are too old and stuff, but I can’t help but think how odd a form of euthenasia that is.   Can you imagine Kevorkian “assisting” people to die by giving someone on a hunting vacation a gun then telling his “patients” to “run?”   Just doesn’t seem like as fun a story anymore.


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  2. I just heard about that on the way home from work. I thought there was something screwey about the story, but I wasn’t sure what. I’m not too familiar with .50 cal. pistols, but my guess was that an 11 y/o wouldn’t be able to shoot it that many times.

  3. TGC, no, It was the child wielding the weapon, but he only hit a DOMESTICATED animal 6 times, after 12 shots.

    I’ve never shot a .50 cal pistol, but I have shot (as I was talking with grumpy about) an enfield 303. the cartridge for the 303 is FRIGGEN HUGE!!!, and I swear the stock is made out of mike tyson’s punches between beating robyn givens(whatever her name was) I’ve shot a 10 mil, which is, I THINK slightly larger than a .45, and has a larger cartridge, and it was nothing. A friend of mine did fire the “desert eagle” 50, and he said that the weight ofsett most of the recoil, he said he was more afraid of the .357 redhawk snub, is that what it’s called?

    But yeah, and if you look at the handgun, it doesn’t look like it has much of a barrel, which cuts recoil, also the chamber is open (chamber? what do you call the part of a revolver that revolves?) So It’s hard to say whether or not the superviser (required for handguns PERIOD, especially in hunting, cuz laws are observed) let the kid empty his revolver, and injure, unfairly, and cruely the pig, only for the overseer to reload and finish the pig off with a properly aimed shot.

    I remember as a kid, my uncle took me “bow fishing” (flogging awesome passtime btw) and he was PISSED! that I didn’t finish the fish once I dragged it in. He was PISSED! Cuz I wasn’t a “humane hunter” or some stuff like that.

    I lost track, anyone got some aluminum foil I can chew on?

  4. Another quick story about that uncle.

    He’s a rare hunter, but he’s an honest sportsman. He went hunting with one of his best friends “brothers.” (umm, this is complicated for a minute. My mothers baby brother was something like best friends with my mothers sisters husband, and my mothers brother(the uncle I’m talking about), went out intending to hunt with my mothers sister’s husband(who was one of his best friends), but ended up joining up with my mothers sisters husbands brother, now, it gets more complicated. My mothers sisters husband was 1 of 3 boys, and he (my mothers sister’s husband) was the only one of the 3 that was adopted. It was his adopted brother that picked up my uncle (my mothers brother, who is an honest hunter) on the way to where they were gonna hook up with my mothers sisters husband, but my mothers sisters husbands brother stopped allong the way, stopped, and braced himself against the truck, and shot a doe.

    My uncle, as in actually my uncle, my mothers brother, was disgusted, slid over to the drivers seat and drove my mothers sisters husbands brother car away, making my mothers sister’s husbands brother walk to the hunting site.

    God, thats a bitch to tell and theres a lot of nuance missing!!!

    And my Uncle, my mothers younger brother, was more satisfied with hanging out with one of his best friends, who happened to be my mothers sisters husband, who was also an honest sportsman than he did in killing random animals.


    I need to take up hunting so I don’t have to add all those qualifiers!!!

    Even though I hate hunting. I like shooting, I hate hunting.

  5. mesablue said


    I’ve been boar hunting many times. I started with a .44 and then went to a .357 to give them a sportin’ chance. Then I went back to the .44 because I got tired of bouncing bullets of their skulls and just pissing them off. Climbing trees all day is not a ton of fun.

    That kid could not fire that gun in a sporting situation.


    He would miss and the pig would eat him.

    That handgun is a monster.

  6. mesablue said


    Hunting pigs is fun.

    They don’t look like bambi and they fight back. They also taste REALLY good on a spit over the fire.

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