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Posted by mesablue on June 1, 2007

Tater Mitts


8 Responses to “Genius”

  1. pattyann said

    Tater Mitts are cool, but I will forever regret that I didn’t invent Baby Mops

  2. pattyann said

    Baby Mops

  3. baby mops are flogging funny! I didn’t review the sight, but I think there is a like 30 second video of the baby waddling around.

    Aside from that, exactly how good of an idea is it to have your baby surrounded by random particulates while they are gasping with effort to fill their immature lungs?

    Now, put that stuff on a chihuahua? or a teacup? HELL YEAH!

    Wait! Intellectual property, I own that!

  4. pattyann said

    Too late, WP. I thought of that just before you posted it.

  5. Pattyann?

    who’s an author on this site?

    Who has a timestamp verifying their intellectual property?

    Who’s gonna be able to compete with PA in time to patent it?

    Okay, PA likely wins, that EFFER is SMART!

  6. mesablue said

    Uh, that would be me.

  7. damewiggy said

    See, this is exactly why I read you, Mesa. You’re so fargin’ resourceful.

  8. DAMN! Mesa owns all the intellectual property shared here.


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