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“Art!” criticism

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 2, 2007

This Link, Via Powerline ……again. They are like what Allahpundit would have been if he were 15 years older (no offense guys at powerline, you guys come off as near fifties, I might be wrong, I’m just say’n)

I love art, I have seen read and heard things that have literaly changed my life.  I have manipulated my self image thanks to the the way in which life is depicted and manipulated through the eyes and the voice of an artist.

In my opinion, that is what art is;  However, the link points to a review of someone apparently rather familiar with art, and describing “Art” as compared to art, and it’s pretty funny, but it’s also very sad.

Art is a moment a sensation or a desire shared in the only way that the artist can express themselves.   “Art” is well, “Art.”

There are a lot of beautiful, powerful, sad and sometimes guilty sensations that we experience in our lives, and to turn it into an act of pomposity irritates the hell out of me.

Example, Piss christ? 


“Art.” (that amber liquid is well, you get it)



Taken from AnimationUSA

But, But, But, the second one is a cartoon!

I however find it more poignant.   Mel blanc was a voice that spoke to most of us during the best times of our life, those of you with children have shared the joy of mel with your children just as you experienced it when you were a child, and many of us have even grandparents who experienced the joy of that voice.

I call the second one art.

8 Responses to ““Art!” criticism”

  1. Nice Deb said

    I’m with you.

  2. T the woman I mentioned a time or 150 before.

    She’s a SysAdmin in AU, and also worked as a DBA, and still does work for a particular aboriginal australian (since she is 1/2 aboriginal australian) group.

    She said that she would move to orlando and work as a janitor, in exchange for her prosperous position now. As long as she can work for disney (though she’s a WB fan) though that was some time ago, but I don’t think that variable has shifted much.

    One of her best friends, who was a higher level comp chick (though much dumber, trust me, MUCH dumber) WAS looking for any way to come to the states so that she can work with nasa. You wanna know a space dork who isn’t involved with the space biz? Meet “rowena,”

    She wanted to come to the states either to live or to visit, and she planned her visit (but backed out) because she couldn’t see at least 3 launches.

    Kinda funny. She’s another (ro) who would surrender all that she has to be close to something she loves.

    Tell you the truth, I live in the US, and I envy their love of those various, and in particular THOSE things that are distinctly american.

    I envy foreigners Americanism, and I was a FUCKING MARINE!!!

  3. Eff the stories.

    I miss mel, he was the voice of my youth, and I’m sorry not only that I won’t likely have children, but that, I can’t share it with my nieces or nephews.

    Mel was an icon, FUCK THAT, he IS an icon. Mel is a brilliant artist because he will live LONG beyond his life. In fact? I can’t imagine a world without mel giving small and stupid joy to all of the children in the world.

    Mel is one of the greatest artists ever, he died in a mod level appartment. Where is the guy who made “piss christ?”

  4. Don Carne said

    I think Mapplethorpe died of AIDS; poetic justice, eh?

  5. I’m kinda irritated, this is probably my BEST POST ever!!!

    And no love.

  6. Mike Mac said

    Absolutely right. I remember seeing the Warner Brothers “Speechless” in their shop in Chester, U.K. and being almost moved to tears by the simple poingnancy of it. Art should speak to the soul and this does !!

  7. MOz said

    Yes, I am crying still .. right now in fact. I will admit freely that when I first saw the print in the shop, I cried while standing in the middle of the store. WB cartoons were never the same …..

  8. Eva Thorburn said

    I purchased a framed copy of “Speechless” and the black shinny frame turned out to be plastic laminated over wood. I do not remember when I purchased it and it has been some time but was cared for and the laminate is coming off. I’m disappointed as I expected to will it to my son after I’m done using it. He collects them. Surely you must guarantee the workmanship as these are not inexpensive. May I hear from you. 520-296-2536, 972 N. Gadsden Pl., Tucson, AZ, E-mail eve@dakotacom.net.
    Thank you, I have enjoyed the art until this happened.

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