Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production


Posted by Wickedpinto on June 2, 2007

Newsbusters has a rather long article about Fred! or rather a rather long article about an aricle about Fred!

Unlike NB I really don’t have a problem with people going after Fred! for being an actor.  Whenever the left goes after someone who is right, or even marginaly right for being stupid, and minimizing them, they have a habbit of losing. 

Especially when entertainment critics are criticizing him as though he is his character from TV say stuff like this. 

Women may harbor doubts about his character’s character. Arthur has a weakness for the young, tall, gorgeous prosecutors in his office and for mentoring them through their cases.

That is in reference to Law and Order.  The thing is this entertainment critic, who’s job it is to know what the hell they are talking about when it comes to entertainment issues, doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about.

I watch law and order constantly.  If there isn’t any interesting news, or a handful of TV Shows or movies, I will watch Law and Order. 

Arthur Branch is the DA, thats true, but the guy who has the thing for his assistants, wasn’t branch, it was jack mccoy.  In the series, there is a clear implication that he was banging Claire (Jill Henessy) and in the limited character background that the show offers, jack admits that his first wife was also his first assistant.   After Claire (Jill Henessy) died at the end of the ’96 season, and they needed a new assistant they found Jamie Ross (Carey lowell) and near the end of the first episode of the ’96-’97 season, there is a conversation between Jamie and Jack, where Jamie says something about:

 “remember when I asked you why you wanted me to be your assistant.”

“yes, and?”

“you’ve only had 3 assistants.”

The implication being that jack banged his wife, the next assistant, and then claire.

Arthur Branch on the other hand, only had serena and the new chick.

Serena was a lesbian, and the new chick is more of a hardass do it myself I’m so smart let me prove myself kinda chick, and arthur ain’t rubbing up on her.

This entertainment critic, getting on Fred!’s case by depicting Fred! as Arthur Branch, doesn’t even realize that the “DA” she’s describing isn’t the “DA” Arthur Branch, played by Fred!, but rather the “ADA” Jack Mccoy, played by Sam Waterston.


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