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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 2, 2007

Aparently he’s too good for politics now.

Hey Al?  You weren’t GOOD ENOUGH for presidential politics.

If you can, do.

If you can’t, teach

If you can’t teach criticise.

If you are borderline incompetent in every way, run for office.

and Now Al?

If you are completely useless in every way, start a religion.

Next we will learn is that Al is the Messiah of globiology, and he and the Scientologists will be engaged in sectarian warfare.


12 Responses to “gore”

  1. Justin said

    wicked said:

    “If you are borderline incompetent in every way, run for office.”

    Now hang on the same could have been said about Bush. For example, even Bush has confirmed, that every business venture he was ever in failed. So could you could not say the same about Bush? Even as Gov of Texas his stats were not that good.

  2. You ain’t gonna see me in a skirt and spanky’s cheering for bush. Only thing the guy has really done right is entering the war, pretty much everything before and after, has been at best “iffy.”

  3. Justin said

    ..here is what I mean about Gore. Many people have said he is nuts about Global Warming. Those of the very, very right have tried there very best to get him shut down completely. They have given a great deal of there version of their truth..as shady as it is.

    What I am looking at is not the word of some stuffed suit extreme right winger..I am looking at the words and very actions of experts on this very subject from all over the world. Are they wrong also? How in the hell can so many people be wrong, after proving their case I may add, ..not know each other..say the same exact thing and be able to prove their words and actions.

    I think the moral of this story is that they cannot all be so wrong. I think that they have raised the issue good enough for all members of the world to renew and renew our actions. I think it is time for us to get serious.

  4. Justin said

    ..now as to Gore and him being President.

    Gore may very be a little stiff and may have a very bad sense of humor at time. But I believe that his plan for America was right on. I believe that he could have and would have done more good for this nation then the scum bag shrub. You are speaking of a man who won the popular vote. And just may have won the entire election if the high court had not have ashut down the re-count. What is funny about it is that means registered GOP members voted for him. I believe that Gore would have done the right thing when it comes to bin laden and that is go after him and ANY nation that protects him. I was all for bushes attack on Afghanistan and blowing the fucking hell out of them. But then he illegally attacked Iraq and left the main battle to a small group of US solders to battle. I believe that Gore would have gotten the job done.

  5. The CBC has an ongoing series that is proving gore’s “there is no question” statements (which date back to 1992) because gore is a politician. Realize that he is a self righteous advocate, nothing wrong with that, but for an advocate to tell scientists to shutup and listen is DEFINATELY a bad idea, it is GORE who tried to shut down debate, not the “deniers.”

    The ever so conservative NYT verified that bush won florida, and bush himself is quoted as saying “if the popular vote was so important, I would have campaigned a little more in texas”

    He’s right, you can’t argue against rules in place, and you can’t argue a stifling of debate when the only stifler is the person you are supporting.

    Just cuz you don’t get your way doesn’t mean you are a victim, most of the time, it just plain means, that you lost.

    I remember losing my 2 seed for state in a wrestling competition, but I didn’t get cheated, I lost.

    Suck it up.

  6. geoff said

    NATO has about 30,000 troops in Afghanistan, including about 12,000 US troops serving under NATO. We also have an additional 13000 troops serving independently. Not exactly a “small force.”

    The difficulty with Afghanistan, of course, is Pakistan. We are nominally allied with Musharraf’s weak government, so invading is out of the question, but we are not allowed to pursue Al Qaeda/Talibani across the border.

    A sticky situation that will take some years to turn around, most likely via an “Awakening” as in Anbar province.

  7. Justin said

    When it comes to Pakistan I say fuck them being so called allies. They are harboring a man, and his people, that attacked this freaking nation. Take the Reagan approach and say you have x amount of time to work with us and turn him and his people over or you prove you are against us and then we shall attack in order to get the man that attacked us and killed out people. Our nation is giving those bastards a billion bucks a year to to find him…did you know that wicked? what the hell are they doing? not a damn thing. Was it not shrub who said you’re either with us or you’re against us.

  8. geoff said

    See, here’s the thing. If you attack an ally because they’re incompetent, you have forged new and wholly unjustifiable ground in international relations. You don’t get to attack cooperative governments, even if they suck. You can only attack intransigent governments, like the Taliban or Hussein.

    If you thought invading Iraq was illegal, you shouldn’t even have the ghost of whisper of a hint in your brain about violating Pakistan’s sovereignty. Attacking Pakistan would be a far greater transgression.

  9. geoff said

    But I’ve let myself get hijacked. Back to Gore. I think he’s a one-trick pony, he’s not much of a leader, and that his election would lead the country into a malaise rivaling Carter’s. I’d far rather see Barack or Hillary get elected – at least they would bring energy and leadership to the office.

  10. Justin said

    “If you thought invading Iraq was illegal, you shouldn’t even have the ghost of whisper of a hint in your brain about violating Pakistan’s sovereignty. Attacking Pakistan would be a far greater transgression.”

    It is a known fact that Pakistan is harboring the man, and his people, that attacked this nation and killed our citizens. It would not be illegal to demand that they hand them over or face attack. Because:

    1. They are being paid one billion bucks per year, by this nation, to find him.
    2. If you protect anyone that attacks this nation that, in MY opinion, is an act of war.

    George W. Bush invaded and attacked Iraq under false and illegal means. Comparing that to taking action against Pakistan, should they not do the job they are paid to do and agreed to do, is apples to oranges. Iraq was no threat to this nation.. protecting the man who attacked this nation is a very real threat to this nation!

  11. Justin said

    “Not exactly a “small force.””

    Compare the amount of US MILITARY FORCES that we have in Iraq to what we have in Afghanistan. That is exactly a small force! These people, Bin Laden, are a direct threat to this nation and we need to do whatever it takes to find him, kill him, and take care of nations that protect him. I keep hearing people talk about Reagan..that is exactly what Reagan would have done.

  12. Saying a thing is a fact doesn’t make it so.

    I have a 14″ crank. FACT!

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